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Melissa Greene GAMelissa98 From GA. Any snowflakes who comment and block will have their comment deleted so it never existed 馃槈

Yes!! Chauvin found guilty on all three counts!!

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GUILTY. GUILTY. GUILTY. !!! Amen to that.

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I'm so relieved! Not just for George and his family, but for all of us. Gives us faith in the justice system that so often discriminates and fails so many members of society.
Hope for change

RIP George. I'm sorry.

@GAMelissa98 It's such good news. It means a lot to many people. This may be a turning point hopefully... I really hope police learn something from this. For all the joy and hope this brings, let's never forget the man who paid with his life.
GEORGE FLOYD. Rest In Peace.

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Willie Soon @WillieSoon

#covid19 #climateguyWillie

Stanford study quietly published at proves face masks are absolutely worthless against Covid

Did you hear about the peer-reviewed study done by Stanford University that demonstrates beyond a reasonable doubt that face masks have absolutely zero chance of preventing the spread of Covid-19? No? It was posted on the the National Center for Biotechnological Information government website. The NCBI is a branch of the National Institute for Health, so one would think such a study would be widely reported by mainstream media and embraced by the 鈥渟cience-loving鈥 folks in Big Tech.

Instead, a DuckDuckGo search reveals it was picked up by ZERO mainstream media outlets and Big Tech tyrants will suspend people who post it, as political strategist Steve Cortes learned the hard way when he posted a Tweet that went against the face mask narrative. The Tweet itself featured a quote and a link that prompted Twitter to suspend his account, potentially indefinitely.

Article Image

Prime example of Dunning-Kruger. Thinking they're the experts and that this is the scientific evidence they've all been waiting on to justify their non-mask-wearing, selfish behaviour.
Citing random, and quite frankly shitty, articles because they are bamboozled by acronyms and can't be bothered to check out the source or its contents.

Interesting article on section 230. There's no argument that something needs to change if it's affecting ppl like it is, but I don't believe it can be repealed without a carefully considered replacement.

However, I don't know what that replacement would be. If we leave SM companies wholly liable for posts then they'd have to censor everything prior to posting. Free speech goes out the window and we'd likely have to pay for the service. In a way, that might work so payment details will make the poster identifiable.
Maybe that's the answer, or part of it. Mandatory ID requirements and payment details required for registration on SM...


What is Section 230 and why do people want it repealed? Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act of 1996 protects internet platforms from liability for what users post on their sites. Scott Pelley reports on the ramifications of the legislation and...

Well folks, here we go, a conservative admitting all lives don't matter the same to him... He says the quiet part out loud...

@conservitiveaz3 shame on you.

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He thinks we should put all of the trump crap behind us 鈥 he doesn鈥檛 believe in accountability.

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Yip, he's a special one alright. He claims to not be conservative too, even though his user handle has 'conservative' in it, albeit misspelled. 馃檮

Sitting here, morning coffee in hand, scrolling through videos and posts on various apps and it occurred to me....

Do these radical right, Trumplicans, Qanon, MAGAts have any idea how much we laugh at them? Case in point, I'm just finished watching someone who classifies themselves as a 'MAGA teen' attempt to rap a song she made up about.. you guessed it.. MAGA teens... I nearly choked on my coffee laughing at her.

After her video came the quintessential bearded redneck standing in front of our flag, ranting hysterically about freedom and rights and how wonderful America is.... Getting so riled up he looks like he's 10 seconds from a stroke... And you can tell from the camera angle that he's living in a squalid, crumbling trailer with the roof caving in... What a life he's scared to lose...

Ye gods guys, part of me wishes you'd all wake up and stop acting like babies, then another part of me realises we'd have to find someone else to mock and give us our daily laughs!

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You both are a bunch of children

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Who is 'both'?

@GAMelissa98 You know your side and the other side that you try and clown. To even take sides is childish

@GAMelissa98 To claim to be this and not that is childish. It is ignorant. Ignorance is your religion

@GAMelissa98 As if you aren't also a clown is hilarious

@GAMelissa98 Yall are not better then anyone. This post is proof. Every disgusting childish post comment and just the mindset is laughable. You people claim the moral high ground by pointing your finger. Labeling your ists ics and isms is childish and ignorant. No one's right untill somebody is wrong right. Instead of being human and equals you people choose to be morally superior which you most certainly are nor. I watch yall go at each other and it breaks my 鉂. You people can not understand that we are all in this together and that the very problem with everything is indecency towards one another. Untill people can be decent with eachother nothing can be healed or fixed. Untill people can growup and act as adults it will continue to be a playground. Untill responsibility is taken it will always be someone else's fault

@conservitiveaz3 Lol, triggered, much? 4 comments?
Dude, please take care to read my post fully and don't assume. The right isn't inherently bad, I specifically mentioned the radical right, Trumplicans, Qanon and MAGAts. I don't much care if you think 'there's good ppl on both sides'. I'm not talking about normal conservatives and righties, just the terrorists and their sympathisers, white supremacists and conspiracy theorists.
If you feel they're 'good people' then you're one of them and I don't want anything to do with you.

Judging by comments you make on other posts you're an 'all lives matter' person. But I can't tell if that's just ignorance or if it's willful, but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt.

@GAMelissa98 Ooohhh how grown up of you

@GAMelissa98 Radicals creat radicals. The further left one goes the further right also. Ever action creates an equal and opposite reaction

@conservitiveaz3 I don't disagree, which is why i (again) specifically target ppl like radical right in my comments.
I don't see why you have a problem with that, we ALL should be directing our efforts towards the radicals. It just so happens that the radical left want universal healthcare and gun registration/removal, whereas the radical right want the death of all lefties, to overthrow the democratically elected government and to impose their religious beliefs on everyone else.

Do you see the disparity there? If you don't, then used obvious you're being wilfully ignorant and my benefit of the doubt was misplaced.

To even think like this is the very problem and division that tears us apart. With this mindset nothing can be fixed or healed

GROW UP PLEASE. The fact that you won't or can't makes you absolutely no better then those you mock. Even worse because you claim to be superior. You claim to be smart yet you are so ignorant. With knowledge that you claim you will be judged more harshly. Less of course you are just as ignorant

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This really hit a nerve, didn't it? Can you not see these problems started because of the way trump talked about people? His lies and childish name calling started everything. Calling nfl protesters sons of bitches, calling white trash supremacists very fine people, convincing the hardcore trumptards that only he is what is right for our country and everyone opposing him is trying to destroy our country. He destroyed the republican party. There are true Republicans then there are the trumplicans that only look to dumb fuck donny as the savior.

Seriousy watch any WW2 documentary on Netflix, the comparisons are fucking disturbing. One of them starts out saying, and this was in like 2009, the exact words were "Hitler wanted to make Germany great again", I shit you not. We all know trumps favorite book is Mein Kampf so that says something. This is why people don't get why trumptards are calling dems the Nazis when it's pretty obvious what trump was doing馃し鈥嶁檪锔

@trumtarddestroyer So be no better then right. To see things that you don'tapprove of or like then to do the very same thing actually makes people less than

@trumtarddestroyer Excuses is all I hear coming from you. Reasons to act a child. 馃槅 being so smart or morally superior at the same time being less than is laughable

@conservitiveaz3 So I'm suppose to sit her and let these trumpers call me a racist and a child molester and sex trafficker and terrorist that hates America because they're blinded by their hate for anyone not white? How's that work?

@trumtarddestroyer You people are TRUMP

@conservitiveaz3 It's ok for trumptards to talk shit and talk down to anyone that isn't white or on their side but Icant point out their hypocrisy and stupidity?

@conservitiveaz3 What in the cinnamon toast fuck does that even mean???

@trumtarddestroyer It works by being a GROWN UP. Those who participate in games are participants

@trumtarddestroyer LOL OH YOU KNOW. I speak to the heart. Your mind may not understand

@trumtarddestroyer Don'tlook at the words more the picture I paint

@conservitiveaz3 Did you finger paint this picture with shit?

@conservitiveaz3 Pretty sure you speak "dumb fuck" and I don't understand that language, sorry馃し鈥嶁檪锔忦煠︹嶁檪锔

@4612e8450bbe4e72aec38443baa745f4 Are you high? Like, really? Your comments are very bizarre.
@trumtarddestroyer check out his comment history. He's an 'all lives matter' kinda guy....querying why we don't have white history month, or white awards etc etc.
As much as he's trying to portray himself as a horrified bystander, he fails to see that he is part of the problem. Either through lack of education or willful ignorance.

@trumtarddestroyer Here let me sum it up for you. Those who resort to tactics found unsavory are no better than. Those who claim moral superiority while practicing the same are less than

@trumtarddestroyer I would see this as common sense for smart people. But it appears that sense ill-defined those

@trumtarddestroyer Only a tard would call someone a tard

@GAMelissa98 All lives don't matter the same for me. People are the actual virus

The absolute hilarity! If Alex Jones and Yosemite Sam had a kid...

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Rrrrrrrrrbrbrbrrrbrrr. Lol. 馃槄馃ぃ馃槄馃槀

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LOLLL I was in hysterics every time he did that!!

@GAMelissa98 He's got a talent there. That's some special jowls...馃ぃ

Fucking SNOWFLAKES鉂勶笍鉂勶笍鉂勶笍鉂勶笍鉂勶笍馃う鈥嶁檪锔


So! Now that we know more about how much collusion was involved with Russia and Trump's campaign in 2016, and therefore undoubtedly in 2020... There's one positive...

We (anyone who voted against Trump) beat not only the orange baffoon and the GQP, we also KICKED RUSSIA'S ASS!

I'll take that as a double win!!!


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Absolutely...Putin lost and America won.

In contrast..Russian disinformation campaign scrambled MAGAT brains, too. Report came out in March.


So what's your favorite part about biden? The senile daze, mass importing of 3rd worlders, his love of fucking children?

And stop using the putdowns we use on you snowflakes. Cunts like you who are fat and ugly are why political correctness exists. Run along old lady.

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Roflmao! whoowheeeee someone sure got triggered here!! Did your little feelings get hurt, snowflake?

Don't forget the underground baby-eating pedo-cabals and the space lasers! They're important too! 馃ぃ

@GAMelissa98 Lol poor snowflake blocked me! Too funny!!

Why no red badge smart ass?

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Why on earth do you think I'd want to give a social media company my ID? Are you nuts? Do know how many people's IDs were snatched when Parler got taken down before?

Y'all moan about having to register guns but trip over yourselves to register with a social media company, with ties to Russia no less!

So Mike Pillow Lindell's new social media platform is being built because other platforms censor and suppress free speech, apparently. So what does he do?
He makes a platform on which anyone who does anything like swears, or uses god's hand in vain etc, will be censored... He says he "found it in the constitution", a definition of free speech that allows him to do this.

I'm rarely surprised by Trumplicans these days, but this is just...I mean... You can't make this stuff up...

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You mean I won鈥檛 get to post naked Melania there?? WTF!!

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Nope! You'll be CENSORED!

@GAMelissa98 OMG!! She was deleted on all three of my CloutHub accounts post libraries, so I had to reimport her from my account here. Most of the Trumptards there now put a positive enjoy type of comment now. Surprising! I think Franktards would enjoy her too!!

@Cammytroll Lol oh jeeezzz

LMAO That's awesome LOLOL

Do you want me to delete your stupid comments on my posts?

So freedom of speech is only for what you say?

You are an ignorant idiot.

That is exactly why we need new laws you Moran.

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Ps... What is a 'moran'? If you're attempted calling me a moron it might be a good idea to try to get it right... Ya know? 馃ぃ馃き馃檲

No one hates America like the radical right conservatives. They comprise the least 'Christian', least empathetic, least compassionate, least human and least humane segment of society.

No one in America is less American, than radical right conservatives.

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How so when America was founded on Christian values. Those who need Jesus the most are those who are sick

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If that's true, then why don't the radical right conservatives seem to want universal health care that will benefit the sick?
Why don't the radical right conservatives want to wear masks to protect other people from getting sick?

Why aren't they helping the sick, the poor and the needy, and are in fact actively working against helping them?

OMG!! News on Trump's investigation in Hawaii about Obama's birth cert!! After 10 years!!

Website Image
April 2011: Donald Trump 鈥渟ent investigators to Hawaii鈥 to find the truth about Obama. Still investigating? #trump #obama #politics #fyp #comedy tgbranch (@tylergrantbranch) has created a short video on TikTok with music original sound. | April 2011: Donald Trump 鈥渟ent investigators to Hawaii鈥 to find the truth about Obama. Still...
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Saw the funniest thing on social media today...

"God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son" John 3:16

Seems God was pro-abortion and pretty late term abortion too!!


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He killed lots of inocent babies and fetuses in the flood. Let's not forget Passover, all the firstborn sons. God loves dead babies it seems.

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You're right!! Jeeeez what's all the fuss about?! Good enough for god, but not for us?

@GAMelissa98 I really don't get it at all. The choice should always be the womans. Govt should protect her right to safe practise. Laws against put lives in danger. The whole skyfairy thing is abused by jihadis and evangelicals the world over. Surely we're better than that...

Uh... Ok guys... Deep breaths... Tomorrow is fixin to be a bad day for alotta y'all.... Biden is supposed to be introducing executive orders around guns.
Don't over react, don't be all snowflakey and get your panties in a twist. You can still have guns, and shoot tin cans. No one is trying to disarm you.

Normal ppl just want to make it harder for bad ppl to get guns and kill us, mmmkay?

Can someone get in touch with MTG and warn her so she can get a good night's rest? I've a feeling she'll be swinging from her CrossFit bars tomorrow. I await the Parler barrage from her.

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Not sure you understand what snowflake behavior entails. True Americans will likely react to unreasonable dictator behaviors just as Mel Gibson did in Braveheart (or in The Patriot for that matter. That isn't wrong or "snowflakey".
That is, in fact, the way Patriots should react when people threaten America and the freedoms she stands for 馃槑馃嚭馃嚫

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Omg, comparing yourselves to braveheart! Stop watching so much TV dude, you've romanticized the whole thing.
It was a MOVIE! Albeit based in history, but it was not factual. If you'd have said 'like William Wallace and the Scottish ppl did' that would have made you sound less dumb, but to say 'like Mel Gibson did in braveheart'. Holyyyy shit

Ye gods, y'all have the mental capacity of a box of rocks.

Not in AZ. Our senate passed laws that guarantee our rights to fire arms. Biden can suck it

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Oh honey, federal trumps state.

@GAMelissa98 Nope laws were signed to Trump federal. If the federallies come then they can come but with no help.

@conservitiveaz3 No really, federal trumps state. It's in the constitution, seeing as y'all like to reference it. Supremacy Clause, article VI, clause 2.

SCOTUS has upheld this in a number of nullification cases over the years.


@conservitiveaz3 What was that you said ...'fish in a barrell'? Ohhh tut tut, I do hope that was not a threat to federal agents. You deleted it quickly enough, but the internet is forever, baby 馃き

@GAMelissa98 Nope I love my federal agents and I am a law biding citizen. My constitution guarantees me my right to bear arms and it shall not be infringed upon. As a law biding citizen I count on it. The Supreme Court has ruled that it is my absolute right to own ans posess a fire arm for my protection. Any laws passed will be challenged and said laws will be struck down. Either by a sitting judge or by the Supreme court

@GAMelissa98 Executive orders are trash that are easily thrown out. Only way to make something stick is to make it law. There are a couple senators with their heads on straight. So he can't make it law so he will tryand go around it. Easily struck down

@conservitiveaz3 Absolutely! I own guns too! I just don't need a gun designed to kill as many ppl as possible.
Following your logic, why can we own nukes? Or anthrax? Where's the line? Who draws the line?

@GAMelissa98 Good question I know that the weapons that they want to take are exactly the weapons needed to keep government in check. It supposed to be a balancekeepingeach otherin check we lose is we lose these weapons

@conservitiveaz3 Don't you think that the military have better weapons than semi automatic rifles? If they wanted you dead they'd flick a switch and a drone would obliterate you.
I'm not sure why you feel the need to hold onto a high powered, high capacity killing machine that would be as effective as a taser against Godzilla. Seriously, dude.

But you haven't answered my question, why not nukes? If the military had them, why can't we, to defend ourselves? Where's the line.

@GAMelissa98 Well if every American owned 2 rifles we would certainly be a force to recon with. And individuals could not handle weapons of mass destruction. But a system could.

@conservitiveaz3 Says who? By your own logic we shouldn't be prevented from owning whatever weapons we want, particularly if we expect to have to go up against one of the biggest, well armed militaries in the world
I'm obviously being facetious here, of course we shouldn't have nukes etc. Same goes for high capacity high powered guns.

@GAMelissa98 If we all had nukes we would all be dead. It would be possible if we were all civil. Rifles or high powered rifles are needed to keep people honest. The only thing that would save you from a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. If I or my child was in danger I most certainly would prefer a good guy with an AR 15. It's not just about the rifle but it'sthe beginning of disarmament. I am armed and I will protect all innocents from those who seek to do harm. I would think that you or anyone would choose for me to be armed with the most powerful rifle. Because the more powerful the riffle the safer innocents are

@GAMelissa98 An executive decision will be struck down immediately

@GAMelissa98 I know this line is old and tired out but oh so true. Guns don't kill people people do. Death will never stop. The real problem all issues stem from is indecency. Untill we are decent with each other nothing can be fixed or healed. NOTHING. From abortion to the boarder to guns to everyproblem that exists. We must learn to be decent with eachother. To treat others how we would like to be treated. People need to pull their heads out of their asses

@GAMelissa98 Indecency is devouring and destroying everything. It takes around 250 for civilizations to crumble we are around 244. It definitely appears that civility is on its last leg.

@conservitiveaz3 Oh stop being such a drama queen!! Lolll civility crumbling, Jesus wept, grow up

@conservitiveaz3 Yes, idiot. That's WHY we want to regulate.. so bad PEOPLE find it more difficult to get a gun. We want to more checks in the PEOPLE, use red flags for the PEOPLE.

Sometimes y'all are sooo close to the point that it amazes us you can't see it.

Comment Author Profile Pic
Name Hidden @Private User

@GAMelissa98 You say so bad people find it harder to obtain guns. It won't. Criminals will do what they need to do to obtain said weapons. RPG's are illegal to have and not used by American soldiers, yet they were found in a box truck in Baltimore. Those weapons were smuggled in, along with 100s of other weapons that were in the truck. Point is so long as guns are being manufactured for anyone they will be sold on the black market. Prices may go up but they will always have access. So disarm law abiding citizens. Makes so much sense.

@Name Hidden Or even rocks. How you going to get rid of those.

@conservitiveaz3 Buddy, no, just no. You're making yourself look like even more of a fool.

Comment Author Profile Pic
Name Hidden @Private User

His BS orders are toothless. His dementia has him believing his babysitters.

You鈥檒l thank us someday.

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Lol nope!

Joe Biden is a FASCIST, so I expected him to come after my weapons.

Good luck with that.... LMAO!

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Please, define fascism?

This can't be real, can it? No body would fall for it a second time? And surely it can't be legal?! Blackmailing ppl to make a monthly donation? Apparently it's on the NRCC's homepage ... I haven't checked it

Assuming Parler has fixed the pic upload issue. If not, there's a check box that is pre-ticked and text beside it says..
"We need to know we haven't lost you to the Radical Left. If you UNCHECK this box we have to tell Trump you're a DEFECTOR & sided with the Dems. Check this box and we can win back the house and get Trump to run in 2024"

Then below this, in small letters "make this a monthly recurring donation"

What the actual fuck.

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No pic to see. Of course they keep falling for it. They're genuine idiots. LoL.

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@MAGAisRACIST I wouldn't even trust visiting.... Malware and stuff. Lol.

It's sick, ppl getting scammed

Oohhh qanons gonna be pissed! Anonymous is going after Qanons to prove it's all run by pedos. They've declared war!


There's few things that make me actually LOL online. This was one fun this morning... Old Mr Trump has himself a replica of the Resolute Desk and the chair from the Whitehouse, and had a partially hidden bottle of coca cola which he's supposed to be boycotting!
Sadder than sad ...

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'Photo op, better just hide this over here so the rubes don't see it.' Ivankas crouched under the desk too. LoL.

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LOLLL omg!

Is the pic still showing? I just see the 'p'

@GAMelissa98 No, it's not. I think parlers failing image upload. Nobody's posts have pictures. I saw the pic of Cheeto yesterday. He looks awful in it. I made a joke about that wax statue that was getting punched having a new gig. His face looks totally painted. I can't wait to see him in 4 years. LOFL.

Thangs go better with Coke!!

@Cammytroll Don jnr is quitting Coke, ......he's strictly meth now. 馃ぃ

@Cammytroll That's true, though I have to confess, I'm more of a pepsi max person. Liquid gold.

@Bradleymooney49 Yeah, he's not looking too hot. I don't reckon he'll be around in 4 years to be fair.

@GAMelissa98 That's just "P", Melissa. Lol.
I drink Pepsi but would prefer RC.

@GAMelissa98 Same. He's going downhill fast it seems. He eats junk food and McDonald's exclusively I heard...

@Bradleymooney49 Can you imagine if he gets a McDonalds franchise in Maralago.. for sole use of Trump. It's not like he doesn't have the money now after Trumplicans donate to him.

Imagine your own personal 24/7 fries dispenser.. oh I'd be the size of a house!

@GAMelissa98 Royal Crown Cola. It's going/gone out of production. RC Cola.

@GAMelissa98 I'd be all over the chocolate sauce. It comes in 20 pint containers. I live across the road from one. I never eat there. I prefer Burger King.
Trump's a living 'supersize me' documentary. He'd really love the playland except his would have hookers for swings. Lol.

@Bradleymooney49 Ohh I've never had their choccy sauce. That'll be in the next McDonald's run for sure!

Hmm burger king is ok, but their fries suck. Same with KFC. I'm a fries aficionado. Lol

@GAMelissa98 McDonald's fries dipped in a chocolate sundae... Yum. Sounds crazy but is deeelish. I sometimes crave Big Mac's too. I can never eat two though, the second one starts to taste terrible half way.... Mayo and beef are tangy at first but then....a bit eeww. LoL.
I love BKs bacon deluxe. Mmm.

@Bradleymooney49 Hahaha no way! I was gonna suggest fries dipped in the choocy sauce but thought you'd think I was a freak!

@GAMelissa98 I did it in the 80s go annoy my dad, now just cos it's yummy. LoL.

If this doesn't sum up trump's presidency, I don't know what does!! 馃う馃き馃き馃う馃う

On one of his last days in office Trump tried to impose sanctions on a Venezuelan oil company. Instead, he accidentally sanctioned an Italian restaurant.
He also accidentally sanctioned a graphics design company.
I mean ... That's just perfect.

Article Image
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Such a pathetic loser!

Looney Tunes!!

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I know! He's pathetically crazy

Hope anyone to donated to Trump has checked their back account balance...

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He was scamming ppl, signing them up to recurring donations

But I've a feeling you already know that and are being obtuse.

@GAMelissa98 That鈥檚 a bunch of crap, I have donated to President Trump several times and NEVER has that happened! Quit spreading lies, that鈥檚 what lying liberals do!

@GAMelissa98 I just looked at your profile Karen, you are a real hoot! Save your hateful bullshit for someone who cares!! Your a disgrace to our Country! And you have one hell of a surprise coming soon!!! Buckle up !

@Donnacarter6232 Hahaha hey honey, check your bank account if you were stupid enough to donate to Stop the steal...
I don't much care if you believe it or not, y'all tend to not believe anything that makes you uncomfortable.

@GAMelissa98 I didn鈥檛 donate to stop the steal, I donated to President Donald Trump. I know how to take care of my bank account, and my bank account is fine. You shouldn鈥檛 be worried about anyone鈥檚 bank account other than your own! Move on ! Find something to smile about.
Jesus has risen, we have a living God, life is awesome 馃槑

@Donnacarter6232 That's not very Christian of you, you should be concerned for others, and not be all 'me me me'.
Jesus would be disappointed in you, especially as you're saying this today, after all he did for you 馃槥


ROFLMAO@ Fox news giving a statement that no one of authority has talked with Gaetz about a job and have declared they have zero interest in hiring him!!

Just realised that Facebook deleted Lara Trump's chat with Donald!! LOL hilarious! He just can't stay off Facebook!
Real interviews, or news interviews are fine, but a chat with your family member is a no no Donny!

Hilarious!! 馃ぃ