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Kevin "Killer" Miller Fullmetalkevin

AOC, PSaki, Stacy Abrams and Maxine Waters are four of the most idiotic women. Race has nothing to do with it.

Twitter can kiss Blake Shelton's country ass. Fuck Twitter.

I have an epiphany. Sort of. I think that all democrats should be treated like a child. I mean they are worse than children. They're democrats. They don't know any better.

How are those vaccines going, Joe? Even the Johnson & Johnson are no good.

Liberals/Democrats/socialists/communists are no worse than children. If they can't have their way, they'll kick and scream and holler and pout and do anything for attention.

Democrats can't read, write, or do arithmetic. But they can sure lie.

Keep sucking bureaucratic dick Kamala. That's all you're good at.

Dr. Fauci killing Nickelodeon with his lies.

Covid cases are down after Texas lifts mask mandate and all covid restrictions? Lol dumbass democrats. While all the liberal states are still in lockdown and it's getting worse.

If I was president of the United States, my first move would be to do away with the democrat party. We don't need a anti - American party. We don't need a anti - constitution party. We don't need a anti - religious party. We don't need an anti - liberty, independence, freedom and justice party. We don't need a party that supports corruption and terrorism. We don't need a party that supports racism and fascism. If I were to become president, the democrats better get in my lane or get the fuck out. I have zero tolerance for insubordination and defiance. America needs a strong leader and Joe Biden is NOT a strong leader. I don't need to prove it. He's proven it time and time again.

If Clint Eastwood ran for president, I'd vote for him. At least he'll run the United States better than Biden.

Democrat party = Special needs party

Hey democrats, remember step 1 in the 12 step program and admit you are wrong.

Hey democrats, how's your math and science?

Democrat party blaming Trump for what they're doing. Are they expecting Trump to babysit them?

Whatever happened to the Cuomo scandal case? Why hasn't it been reported as of late?

Democrat party = Boy who cried wolf

If you're neither heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual, then what are you?

If you're neither male or female, then what are you?

If masks aren't "Universally recommended," then why do we need them?