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Free State Project FreeStateProject The Free State Project is a successful mass migration of thousands of libertarian Doers to New Hampshire. By concentrating our numbers, we have maximized our impact. Learn more here:

We are live for our first FSP Q&A Episode, please join us & ask your questions about the Free State Project!

Free State Q&A Episode 1 Carla Gericke and Vince Perfetto discuss frequently asked questions about the Free State Project. For more information visit, and sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date. This...

With spring approaching, many of our supporters are actively planning their #Visit to #NewHampshire. If you're up for a shorter hike on your visit, but still want a beautiful view from the top, we've got just the list for you.
The '52 With a View' list contains 52 mountains in New Hampshire with elevations under 4,000 feet and also have incredible views at the summit.
Here's the full list of all 52:

Hike 52 with a view mountains in new hampshire 52wav Hiking the New Hampshire NH 52 With a View mountains. All under 4,000 feet elevation, and with views.

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Especially with remote work becoming more popular, the path to finding a pro-liberty job while also living in New Hampshire is clearer than ever.
Our newest guest blog post shows you how it can be done.

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To join us Mon-Sun June 21-28 at Rogers Campground in Lancaster, NH for Porcupine Freedom Festival XVIII, all you really need do is:

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We're not certain of this headline, but if you're gonna head-for-the-hills to secure your freedom and liberty, then head for New Hampshire...

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Dennis Pratt, the former #1 writer on libertarianism on Quora, is back. This time he gives you a *sneak peek* into our plans for PorcFest 2021, along with his inspirational, personal battle with cancer. Here's an excerpt:
"A festival is often centrally planned, but a liberty community is naturally bottom-up, spontaneously-organized, decentralized, and entrepreneurial.
So we, as the largest libertarian outdoor festival, would perversely tilt towards centralization and authority unless we figured out how to distribute control of the festival to our liberty community. I, along with several others, brainstormed how our festival could reflect our fundamental decentralization that distinguishes libertarian from authoritarian communities."
Continue and learn more about our plans for PorcFest 2021, as well as how that relates to Dennis's personal battle with cancer:

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Some people are intimidated about the prospect of moving to New Hampshire.
Moving is a big step, but if you haven't visited, it's like contemplating marriage before a first date.
Don't focus on the moving part first. Just come to New Hampshire for a visit, meet some Free Staters, experience what's going on here, and you'll start to understand what the Free State Project is all about.
Then you'll be closer to making your decision to move.
Contact us to find out how we can help you make the most of your visit. You'll be glad you did.


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This is how we do snow tires in #NewHampshire

How I Live Free - Howie and Sue Wemyss SnowCoach at Mt. Washington Auto Road

Hi to all followers still on Parler. We're here, just spreading the news far and wide about our movement. For some reason, all of our previous Parleys were deleted but we'll be checking-in and using this platform along with our presence on Twitter, Facebook, MeWe and Gab to keep you informed and answer questions.