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Dr. Matthew Hamby DrMawaha A Christian Chiropractor devoted to providing patients with the finest chiropractic health and wellness solutions to help them reach their maximum health potential.

You don't necessarily need a reason to visit a #chiropractor, but if you're looking for one, here's 10:

1.) Manages blood pressure
2.) Relieves neck and back pain
3.) Fixes Scoliosis
4.) Cures Sciatica
5.) Reduces inflammation
6.) Relieves headaches
7.) Improves neurological conditions
8.) Enhances #health
9.) Improves athletic performance
10.) Corrects vertigo

What food is good for your thyroid, supports a healthy metabolism, improves muscle function and recovery, enhances your immune system, provides you with iron, and reduces your risk of diseases, such as stroke and heart attack? The answer isn't found on dry land, but at the bottom of the sea. It's KELP! Tune in to the #podcast to learn more about this #superfood.

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Are There Health Benefits to Eating Kelp? by Chiropractic Junkie: A Podcast from Hamby Chiropractic & Wellness • A podcast on Anchor Have you ever tried kelp? The vegetable of the sea, while popular is Asian civilization, is not a rising star among Americans. And that's a shame because it provides key benefits to your overall...

GET A GRIP! On your #healthandwellness I mean. Small areas of your #wellbeing add up over time and may even hold the secret to superior health. Find ways to incorporate more exercises and stretches into your fitness routine to enhance your grip strength. Once you grab hold of a healthier life, you won't want to let it go.


2020 has been hard on many people's #mentalhealth. With conditions such as depression, anxiety, stress, and loneliness on the rise, costs for mental healthcare have skyrocketed to around $38 billion per year. Moreover, many do not have the resources to buy options that will help protect their #mentalwellbeing. Thankfully, there are more affordable options to fortify your mental state, like #meditation, exercise, and deep breathing.

Don't let 2020 get your spirits down. #Chiropractors are here to help see you to the end and guide you along your #healthandwellness journey in 2021.

Are you a sucker for the latest trends in #healthandwellness? Be sure to checkout the hottest new developments in the #wellness sphere. #podcast

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Looking Back at the 7 Hottest Health & Wellness Trends in 2020 by Chiropractic Junkie: A Podcast from Hamby Chiropractic & Wellness • A podcast on Anchor Yes, as crazy as it might seem, good things did happen in 2020 and here they are. Don't miss out on the biggest revolutions in the health and wellness industry. For more health and wellness...

When life gives you lemons, turn them into a cool glass of homemade lemonade and drink up the refreshing #healthbenefits like weight control, improved heart health, improved digestion, and fewer illnesses.


#DoctorsofChiropractic have patients "popping" with less pain, better #health, and comprehensive #wellness.


What is it that you WANT most? Is it fame, fortune, or prestige? How about better #health? You may know you need good health but fail to desire good health. Fortunately, #chiropractic is one of the best healthcare alternatives that enhances your #healthandwellbeing through organic means.

I just joined Parler! Looking forward to meeting everyone here.

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