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Herschel Walker calls on colleges, businesses to stop askign for race on applications.

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So I just read that Milo had his post banned calling him a troll. Isn’t everyone here a troll? I mean seriously, Parler, aren’t you selling yourself as censorship free? That anyone can say what they want without being censored? That’s why I joined this site and why I have supported you through the shut down from Amazon.
Milo has as much to say as the rest of us, like him or not.

Tell me the you now censoring content like Facebook and Twitter, or are you open to everyone having a First Amendment voice here?

Parler, you don’t need an app on Apple. None of us do.
I removed all the apps not supplied by Apple from my phone. They do not need to know when or who I contact. I just pull you up online. Easy peasy

Echo if you would like to see Andrew Cuomo in prison for his part that lead to thousands of deaths in nursing homes.


BREAKING: ‘Pro-Free Speech’ Parler Bans Milo Yiannopoulos for Offensive Jokes

Parler, tell us why? Milo has the same free speech as the rest of us. You will not continue if you censor.

FYI. Parler is being discussed on other sites as being run now by a server company owned by Microsoft, who will shut down any comments they deem hateful material. Who gets to decide what is hateful and what isn’t? Isn’t that the tactic of Facebook and Twitter.
Whoever is running this media needs to be aware that this is being broadcast about Parler, and if it is true, people will leave Parler in droves. Time to open up and tell us about this Parler wizards,

Welcome back Parler!