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Dominus DeadButDreaming "When night falls She cloaks the world In impenetrable darkness. A chill rises From the soil And contaminates the air. Suddenly, Life has new meaning." Burzum - Dunkelheit.

I have been mostly avoiding politics. I don't care who did what and who said what. The motives behind the real hate groups. Get on your knees for the "protected" groups. Standing up for yourself is somehow considered hateful and inciteful. Like you are attacking other groups by trying to defend your own. The thought of White Power is ok with me. There is Black Power and every other power. White democrats are more in line with a (Swastica), The Nazis (National Socialist Party). I'm not ashamed of being White, if that hurts your feelings, there are well known cliffs and bridges close to where you live. Say goodbye to this disgusting world and fly like the fairy that you are.

It's perfectly normal if you wish that the girls were hot in commercials that sell you Beer.
A Fat-Ass just ain't gonna get it.

The messages between the words is what should be clarified.
If you have been taught that Hate Speech exists and you believe that, you are well on your way into a mission of censorship for your fellow man. It will get so bad that even those hookers you hire, won't be able to whisper nasty things in your ear anymore. If the chick you're with ends up having a dink down there, thou shalt not protest. You are silenced. Grab hold and hang on and expect the unexpected.

How did You react when that guy grabbed your junk and tried to kiss you? Did you say, oh well this is what society wants and bend over. Or did you politely walk away wondering what might have been.

Politics are getting very redundant and not so news worthy. Most everything posted seems meant to provoke. Gee, lets discuss this in a politically correct manner using proper pronouns and adequate rankings for their gender confusion illness. Most of us say Knock those traitorous corrupt mutherfkrs out of office. Impale their heads on stakes on the white house lawn. Various levels of exaggeration and truly wishful thinking. Lots of vile rhetoric and hyperbole. Some folks have more fertile imaginations. I prefer the sword in hand cleaning out congress, than the limp-wristed Head Homersexual In Charge.

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ARLTR · @MM333 ·

Well that didn't take long.

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These folks speak pretty close to the way I do about Democrat Politicians and most everyone else. Do they get Violated on Parler as well?

It is perfectly Normal if you prefer not to have Relations with Trans-Testicle Individuals.

The the good things that make up a Man, Testosterone, Adrenaline, willing to chase chicks around for the purpose of pro-creation, all the lines get blurred when a Homer-Sexual starts sneaking around.

The population multiplies in your smallish town. Vagrants and shadows behind the trees. Who needs a reason to be paranoid anymore.

Define Spun Out:
Need to do items 1,2 and 3 soon. Item 4 is more important than Item 2. Need to do Item 5 before Item 4 and Item 3 needs to be done before Item 1. Multiply this one project by a dozen or two. (How far spun out are you).

I saw a girl that reminded me of that guy Paul Williams the singer from the 70's, well he's an artist and a very good one (Phantom of the Paradise). Strange lookin cat.

Be Polite. Be Direct. Be as Honest as you need to be. Don't ask them questions that would make them suspicious of you. Don't repeat anything you hear. If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, then baffle them with bull-shit.

It's much easier just to say "Secretary's Day".

These pink-red haired "feminists" are out there making women look like a revolting species. What do you do with something like that. Hair all over, ugly clothes, ugly look what the fu. Just act like a chic and maybe a man will ask your opinion once in a while. Pink hair on a stripper in a club. Come on man.

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Name Hidden · @Private User

Women in America have more rights than anywhere else on the globe. These women are out for "something else." They do not speak for me. I'm striving for Proverbs 31. As far away as I am, I'm closer to that than wearing a pink hat. They forget that a woman's strength is in what she nurtures.

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Yea so many, mostly liberal people, from what I see, don't appreciate what they have. They have no life of their own to invest their energy in so they join these lost causes to make themselves feel better for not having their own life. They get praise and receive money for their feelings. Lots of times you can't even tell what they are. I'm a man and I look like hell but at least you can tell that I'm a man.

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Name Hidden · @Private User

@DeadButDreaming I'm growing wary of the Androgynous look. Shock & Hatred are ugly on everybody.

What happened to "be yourself?"

I weep for my children. I pray they will be able to lead.

The Democrats running America is like having a giant hail storm in an expensive car lot.

The bad words of others ricochet off our skulls and a pair of testicles drop down.

The calm and mellow immediate atmosphere insulates us from the negative brain waves. The cloud of stench that some negative butt-hole might try to send us telepathically.

When controversial subjects come up, talk around it like a politician does around the truth. If you comment honestly , you might reveal something about yourself that you didn't want anyone to know. There are some less than masculine things that some men keep hidden in the closet. Be it a Batman suit with a strap-on or something to protect the enamel on a pillow-biter's teeth.

Run down through that Adrenaline trip and walk out tired.

Boy voice: I'm a little boy.
Man voice: No I'm a great big man.
Boy: Nope. Let's be a little boy, for a little while longer maybe an hour?
Man: No Steven. You have to go back now.
Boy and Man: Isn't that our mom calling? Steven Steven come home.
(Alice Cooper - Welcome to my Nightmare - Steven.)