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Davidhillberg Davidhillberg old fashioned, conventional OEM conservative?

when will retaliation be a reality to those who long ago made war upon you ?


the CHP was notified today about the unlawful and illegal election in California .Complaint includes conspiracy, unlawful conduct of elected and appointed officials ..If they do not act on the complaint all options and choices will be exhausted ..The avoidance of WAR has been destroyed by governance and law enforcement

soon the governance will resort to force of arms to prevent the force of arms upon the depot tyrants installed by an unlawful elective process of California and their traitors to our constitution

soon if you don't shoot it wil lbe all for naught

to become prone under your tyrannical master is folly to become prone with a good sight picture is preferred

when will too far be too far? It has come to the point where assassinations will be the only way to correct a problem politics will never repair the constitution and the laws our installed despots have broken ,,,ballot long broke open bullet box

soon the 5th will come and go will that rumor be true or false as all the rest it will be too late to save the country

our enemies domestic have long established lines of control and communications . those who wish to free our country of despot and tyrants need a similar line of communications and control ,for law enforcement our national guard reserves or active duty will not remove the enemies domestic killing our country or it's citizens

March 5th rumor will it come true? If not what will you do to prevent the national genocide ,,?? 911 , the many wars, the lessening of our liberties by those who say we'll keep you safe, the same bunch of assholes now installed in power who unleashed Biological warfare upon the world . same ones who enrich themselves while bring you ruin and misery , their corrupt perversions and evil intent foisted upon your censes and upon your prodigy staining their futures with a curse of an intellectual vacuum of depravity////

to those Q people here ,,,what will you do if nothing happens? I heard rumor March 5th is he day ,,if not that day ,when? if not the Military or Law Enforcement who? Congress? the Secretary of States our Legislatures???? he game was queered long ago ,an lawful and honest election is dead along with the 1st amendment and the 2nd will so topple ,,then what ,,,,,

hey GRU and President Putin ,,,can you send over several assassination teams? Our Government has become more and more unstable every month and lately day to day and his peers are more likely to launch a first strike to kill our citizens and the world than to face justice for their crimes -19 as demonstrated witnessed and observed (Post facto) is a Chinese and Despot Tyrant Democrat plan to cause instability of the citizens of the world , our Law Enforcement and other means of despot tyrant removal have been compromised ....

California during the 2020 election violated it's own election laws ,NOW THEY WRITE A BILL TO MAKE UNSOLICITED MAIL IN BALLOTS MANDATORY!!!!! This is to cover up the crimes committed by the whole of the Secretary of State Elections Divisions !!!!! ARREST THEM FOR THEIR CRIMES or ASSASSINATE THE WHOLE OF THE STATE GOVERNANCE is basis for war DECLARED and ISSUED in JANUARY THEM ALL for the justice system is below them and WE ALL ARE EXPENDABLE



ReEchoA Lot

when will the final straw be broke? when will all the bullshit spoken become action? those in power already ignore our constitution our laws and have never represented us, hey have robbed us harmed us and killed us then they mock us for complaining, I call for the assassination of all despot tyrant traitors who violated their oaths ,for law enforcement will not arrest them for their heinous crimes , policies and actions against the citizens. State and Federal despot tyrant who have been shown to harm our country,,, you think the ballot will save you or a piece of paper from the court or convention of states? and our Military? impotent and ineffective in supporting and defending our constitution from our enemies domestic own governance that went off their rails for more years than we all can count, Start the arrests ,tribunals, prosecutions and investigations the only other alternative is whole sale assassinations ,once the despot tyrants are dead =justice for all

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The @FBI is gonna love your punk ass. 😘

will that rumor come true of military intervention upon our own despotic tyrants who are currently committing treason upon the citizens? March 5th will it be the end of debauchery and enslavement? or the beginning of the US plink and skeet competition with live rounds and live targets?

today as days before those installed in governance causes tyranny and despotism to become the "New Normal" California violated its own election laws and declared Biden "was pushed over the top by California " by the corrupt media, A first for my 0ver 40 years of voting. If the Rumor soon to come does not pass ,what are YOU going to do about the unlawful in positions of power? they made a system for their favor and favors, we citizens are expendable ,

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Well you people in California did this to yourself and the bad thing is than you run from your state to ours and vote for democrats again so don’t ask me to feel sorry for your dumbasses