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Here we GO!!!

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EXPOSED: Project Veritas Caught CNN Admitting to Being “Propaganda” Project Veritas strikes another damaging blow to the corrupt activist media in this newly released footage of CNN Technical Director admitting the network engaged in ‘propaganda’ to remove Trump...

You can’t be prosecuted under the Nuremberg Code if the Participants all give their Express Consent!!! If you don’t know, now you know!!!

Chilling Footage Shows New Mexico Officer’s Shooting Death During Traffic Stop

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This is the America PedoJoe envisioned!!! This is Heartbreaking!!! Don’t let Fear Cripple or Silence you!!!

The COVID-19 Vaccine is among other things meant to control your Reproductive Organs thru a method known as Sterilization!!!

They push Fear because they are scared AF!!!

I’m still waiting for the PedoJoe supporters to explain how the Biden Administration’s inhumane treatment of Children is better than what we had under Trump!!!

This is what happens when a Pedophile is running our Country!!!

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TX Gov: Allegations Children Being Sexually Assaulted at Biden Border Facility Texas Governor Greg Abbott is demanding the San Antonio migrant facility be immediately shut down.

Citizen’s Arrest needs to be the New Normal!!!

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"Get Out!" Restaurant Customers EXPEL Covid Police from Restaurant These restaurant patrons had no patience for the covid police.

Nothing to see here!!! Keep it moving you Bigots!!!


You too can fill out your own CDC COVID-19 card with the Bill of Rights and the US Constitution!!! You’re Welcome!!!


The Enemy of We The People isn’t each other it’s The State!!!

“Wokeness” belongs in the DSM-5!!!

I’m about to Remix Afroman’s “Because I got High”.
“I was gonna comply with the lockdown,
But then I said, WHY?”

From a labor market perspective, reopening is an unquestioned good, especially for the women and minorities who were the most hurt by the Covid lockdowns in the first place.

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