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Mélanie Hope CounterCultureWISE I am the cranky ginger half of the CCW podcast. We're live Sundays 6p Pacific and archived everywhere good podcasts are found.

If you support Biden's gun bill, you are either wholly ignorant of human rights or you are simply evil.

It's been a banner week for the Houseplant in Chief 🪴 who prattered on about:

The Easter Bunny
Supersonic Trains
The Gun Show Loophole
Next week, he'll be joining Bigfoot and the Loch Ness monster to fight Russian collusion.


Tonight on CounterCultureWISE — 6p Pacific


Happy Easter! Today we celebrate the good news with all good news. We will spend this week focusing on the weird and wonderful that is our world. We’ll get a check in from Chuck, and some smooth rhymes from Wolf Zygote and Poetry Corner.

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I don't want Trump to run in 2024. He is just the scapegoat.

I want Republicans AND non-Socialist Democrats to stop being pussies NOW. Stand up to these bullies --- you won't lose, I promise.

I want free and fair elections, speech, and education. That's radical, I know. I don't care.

I want a sovereign nation that does not LURE children from other countries for cheap (free) labor and trafficking. You hate colonization? Don't do it. Close the borders.

I want elites OUT OF POWER and average, everyday Americans to hold office as the Constitution states. No more lobbyists, and everyone must serve at least one term. Politician should NOT be a career.

As a woman, I want the freedom to defend myself. Period. Don't like my method? F* you. Gun control is anti-woman and pro-criminal.

While we're at it, I am a woman. I was born a woman. If you were born a man, you cannot be a woman. Let it go. I wish I could pee in the woods, and you wish you could be multi-orgasmic. It's a beautiful, wonde

The Hiden-Bareass Administration HATES America and everyone in it.


You've gotten away with sniffing us,
Assaulting us,
Erasing us from sports -

Now you want to disarm us?

Go to Hell, (P)resident BidenHarris

#2A #2AShallNOTBeInfringed #DemocratsAreDestroyingAmerica

Talk about mixed messages!


Live now!
Forward Pi Spring Day
Happy springing into Pi week here at CCW! We’ll go over Biden’s speech, then change the subject with actual good news. We’ll make fun of some super-woke, and then put to sleep some fake news. We have a new episode of The Day the Masks Came Off, and so much more, you won’t want to miss it!

Damn. I was really hoping to VOTE FOR our first female president, not have the least desirable candidate installed by default.

Live now!

Fleeing Las Vegas
Tonight we’ll reveal all the reasons why we’ve made the decision to leave our beloved city. We will carry on with commentary of the new abnormal, including our special guest, Donny Eisenbach. Chuck U. Farley will update us on latest news, and we’ll share our newest sponsor. Join the live chat and give us a shoutout!

#AOC was almost murdered. See her harrowing account here!

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AOC Almost Died AOC tells of her harrowing experience with very scary things. All links are archived and listed on This is a smaller chunk of our full podcast. For the full thing, find

Live now!
Circling Back
So much to circle back on tonight, where do we start? Max interviews the Circle Back Girl herself, we go over the week’s scariest news, Trump speaks at CPAC, and oh, so much more!

Who hates women so much he has effectively erased any and all safe spaces they had

Whose job is mostly falling into the hands of an unelected woman who was unable to achieve 2% approval, slept her way to the top, jailed countless innocent black men, and called him a racist AND rapist to his face

...all because you blindly believe what media, wholly owned by China, told you about the bad orange man and you're too damn lazy to ask questions

You absolute tools voted in a senile racist whose own party is afraid of him having the nuclear codes

Who, within 24 hours of his installation, put hundreds of thousands of citizens out of jobs

Who promised "transparency," but won't answer questions harder than his favorite ice cream flavor

Who ran on reunification, then demanded half of the population be persecuted

Who broke every promise he made for his first days in office - except the one that caused the most damage to our economy, jobs, and the environment

Who supports "cultural norms" like gang rape, forced sterilization, and concentration camps

Who went out of his way to end the US's energy independence, then bombed Syria for their natural gas

Who openly lures child traffickers to our borders

Who signs away our Constitutionally protected, God-given rights without bothering to read the orders

Who feels he's above following his own mandates

Live now! The Biden News NetworkWe sing the praises of the absolutely freely and fairlyelected POTUS with a nod to how the mainstream media is reporting on him in themost honest and totally not fake way. Plus an update on recent events, News ofthe Weird & Wonderful, and maybe a rant or two.

Why can't we post links to our blogs?

Second Failed Impeachment: A reenactment

Setting: kangaroo court with $50M of taxpayer's money burning on a makeshift alter

Dems - hypocritical hypochondriacs; poor acting skills

Team Trump - bearers of facts


DEMS: Trump said a thing; we almost died, REEEEE

TEAM TRUMP: No, he didn't. Here's the unedited video.

DEMS: Trump's supporters tweeted a thing; we almost died, REEEEE

TT: No they didn't, here's the undoctored screenshot.

DEMS: Trump is a genius mind reader who time travels and planned to incite the thing that was happening before he supposedly incited it; we almost died, REEEEE

TT: (points and shrugs)

DEMS: Oh, yeah? Well...we don't need to prove our case becase facts are racist.


(General clucking and baaing as vote is taken)

NANCY: (spitting vodka and cobra venum through her $500 totally effective facemask) WTF? YOU DEFIED ME? HOW DARE YOU! DON'T THINK I WON'T TRY AGAIN. I'LL IMPEACH ANYONE I WANT FOR ANYTHING I