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Cory Bernardi CoryBernardi The voice of common sense and never frightened of the truth. Host of Bernardi on Sky News Aust and at After 14 years as an Australian Senator the real world is liberating!

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Hey, it's great to have @parler back to show support for free speech. Congratulations to the team and wishing you every success.

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Here's hoping you post more, Cory. If you are talking to Craig Kelly let him know he won't be censored on Parler.

What happened to you on Twitter Cory? I can’t see your tweets anymore? Did they suspend you?

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No, I just thought why do I waste my time with that terrible company. Twitter is a sewer and I don't miss it.

You should be running our country

It is great. I’ve missed all the information.
Thank you and keep fighting.
I think it’s a tough fight against the Billionaires who flood social media with lies.

We lost, they took Parler down during a crucial point in time, the fact that it’s up again doesn’t change anything, big Corp can take it down again whenever it suits them... not to mention they are banning people.

It is Cory and it’s great to have you back as well been feeling so alone for this month or so 😲🤔 I never thought that I would be so invested in a social media site like this one since I dropped fakebook and tweeter 🤮 feels like I’m back home from a long holiday keep up your great work son still catch you on the Tele 👍🏻

good to see you cory

hope that they can get this to work soon

the old saying “don’t put all your eggs in 1 basket” seems fitting, seeing what happened with parler and what’s happening with facebook.

good to see you on here Cory,
cheers Damo

Hi Cory. You have got Parler and Gab buzzing. Great show last night as usual👍

Post your latest Joe Biden story. It will go nuts on here!

Good to have you back @Cory

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Name Hidden · @Private User

I saw a Video of you suposedly on Fox News Stating that if there was no Pandemic the W.H.O. would have had to return 500 million dollars, was this true and if it is, can you point me at a copy I can spread around.

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Fi456 · @Fi456

Watched and enjoyed your Friday night show Cory. Would love to see you commenting and helping to build the Parler platform. Would like to see lots of alternative platforms to Twitter (not that I’ve ever been on Twitter) and Facebook. Twitter, Facebook an other high profile platforms - YouTube seem to have been nobbled... the sleeping giants campaign spread to social media.

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Fi456 · @Fi456

Keep using the Parler platform Cory. We want plenty of Australian content to follow.