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ChainLink Prod ChainLinkProd Worlds created through the power of words and pen strokes. #ComicsGate


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REIGNBOW THE BRUTE pitch advertisement! This long awaited comic is going live TODAY! The link will be located here when it's ready!



GINA CARANO, ROSARIO DAWSON have been victims of attempted CANCEL CULTURE. However it has failed in both instance. WHY? What ONE WORD is enough to defeat cancel culture?

CANCEL CULTURE Defeated with Just ONE WORD!! #GinaCarano #RosarioDawson #PedroPascal have all been the victim of cancel culture (or are about to). Yet have resisted and resisted. So how have these people or the companies they work for refused...

@TuckerCarlson Demands proof of the Sky Being Blue from Trump's Legal team.


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Unfortunately a lot of our favorite games, movies, and comic series deteriorate in quality, especially when you have sjw weirdos employed in your line of work.


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Absolutely DISGUSTING description of #Cuties on Google. WTF is this filth!!

WTF?!? Netflix Cuties Has Absolutely DISGUSTING Description On Google | This Is Filth There are almost no words for this newest Cuties debacle.... What is Netflix thinking? Subscribe to my backup channel in case I'm gone soon!

#CulturalSabotage is intended to saturate our media with garbage. The goal is to remove all pleasure we receive from our favorite hobbies and allow sick-minded people control what we watch and consume.

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YellowFlash · @YellowFlash ·

This is real art from a 2020 Marvel comic book.


This is what #CulturalSabotage looks like.

Chainlink Productions was formed because there's been a growing #CulturalSabotage of our favorite hobbies.

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🚨New Video! Please Share🚨

The Nominees For This Years #TheGameAwards Are Out & The Last Of Us 2 DOMINATED!

They Crammed It Into A HILARIOUS 10 Out Of 30 Categories Including Game Of The Year

They Even Double Listed It

Rigged! 🤡

🔥Watch & Share🔥

The Last Of Us Part II DOMINATES Video Game Awards Over Ghosts Of Tsushima, Final Fantasy 7 & DOOM In hilarious fashion, The Last Of Us Part II received nominations in 30% of all categories, 10 of 30 lol. The Video game awards are rigged. Like That Art Behind Me? It's From Displate! Here Is A...

The Last of Us 2 is a spit in the face of fans. Every honest person knows it's a horrible game.


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Clownfish TV · @ClownfishTV ·

Clone Wars Voice Actor SHAMED Into Quitting PARLER by TWITTER Outrage Mob?!

Clone Wars Voice Actor SHAMED Into Quitting PARLER by TWITTER Outrage Mob?! Cancel Culture strikes back! Star Wars: The Clone Wars voice actor James Arnold Taylor (Obi-Wan Kenobi) was shamed by a Twitter and ResetERA outrage mob (including Mark Hamill?!) for liking...

If we continue allowing mobs to dictate who can be hired then we'll have more garbage like Cuties and Cal Arts.

Our parody news site is finally on Parler! Give it a follow!



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Chainlink Productions will be taking a more active role on Parler and will soon be off-boarding Twitter.

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Nik Axe · @NikAxe ·

A pinup I illustrated.
#wonderwoman #justiceleague #dccomics #comics #comicbooks #art #sketch #drawing #commission #artwork #copic #markers #copicmarkers #fanart #pinup #parler


Twitter is retarded.

My first real post. Let'smake it count!

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ODDITY An accident made him an Oddity. The Swamp will make him a hero. | Check out 'ODDITY' on Indiegogo.

Legendary artist Joe Sinnott has passed away at the age of 93. He was best known for his work with Jack Kirby on Fantastic Four #comics in the 1960s — a run that defined
’s visual aesthetic for decades.

He was 93. #RIPJoeSinnott #JoeSinnott

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There has been a war again your hobbies. Comics, cartoons, TV shows, even dungeons and dragons isn't safe. It's cultural sabotage. Not only do they destroy your hobbies, they're destiny their own companies as well.

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