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COFirearmAcdmy COFirearmAcdmy Teaching the latest in basic to dynamic shooting techniques designed and taught by Special Forces and LEO. #VeteranOwned. Be your own First Responder.

Real world home defense ballistic tests.

What is the Best Gun & Ammo for Home Defense | Ballistic Test | Tactical Rifleman This week on Tactical Rifleman, we are looking at what the best ammo and gun for home defense is, it's another video in our “Home Defense” series… better known as the “Wall Video.” After...
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Good stuff, quick question any lead on where I can get 25 Cal believe it or not my niece is heading off to college next year and she fell in love with my Saturday Night Special Raven so I'm going to give it to her for her birthday but I can't find 25 Cal ??

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Try Ammoseek and/or AmmoCave websites.

@COFirearmAcdmy Roger that , appreciated !!!

You have no control or input as to when & where you might be forced to defend your life. BE YOUR OWN FIRST RESPONER.

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The following companies and/or their decision makers have instituted anti-firearm corporate policy or have pressed lawmakers to enact further strict legislation.

Don't Feed The Gun Prohibitionists! | Citizens Committee For The Right To Keep And Bear Arms

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A new model of Hellcat from Springfield Armory.

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Let’s regulate guns like cars

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Do you carry when you're in your own home? You should.

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We harp on Cooper's codes for situational awareness in our Concealed Carry class, but it is even more critical for women.

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Attend our Basic Tactical Medicine class & learn all of this first hand.

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Prepp For It - If you prepp for a future, prepp for a better one This site aims to provide its readers with solid information and thought-provoking articles about all things prepping, readiness, home and personal defense, and the potential repercussions of a...