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The Christian Conservative Gamer CCGUK A basic BitChute Video Game Channel, nothing more, nothing less. I make a variety of content.

If every one of my Subscribers donated $10 a month, I would have an income of $3000 which is my Patreon Goal. My pledge if I achieve $3000 is 6 videos guaranteed per day for 5 days a week and 1 Stream per day. But Only when I reach my goal.

Until then, it's the usual 1 video a day (Depending on Content) and 2 Streams a Week.

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How do Americans feel about a British Man being Extremely Pro Second Amendment? I think given the events happening around the world, Northern Ireland, Myanmar, Fake China and the US? I believe this is evident to me that the general population should be armed for the purpose of self defense.

I'm not going to wait 15 minutes for a police officer to arrive when a problem needs to be dealt with within the next 15 seconds.

I did a Live Stream on Twitch today as a test, I was using Action! to do the stream. The reason for this test was because a Streamer was having issues with their Stream, they were using OBS which I know uses a butt ton of CPU usage, so I decided to try Action! (which uses GPU instead) and my stream faced no issues from what I've seen, so maybe it's OBS that's the problem or their CPU is not powerful enough to stream.

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Twitch Twitch is the world's leading video platform and community for gamers.

Happy Easter Sunday.

I pray you all have a great Easter Break.

The Difference between someone who paints Art and someone who paints propaganda?

Art does not instil the painter's Political and/or Social Beliefs, Propaganda does.

This render is of my upcoming LK ULTRA Track.


If you are a Brit, you probably seen that the UK Government has been given more Authoritarian Powers to put us in lockdown for up to 6 months. I am seeking to form a Political Party with 3 Key Principles:
.Formation of a Written Constitution guaranteeing our Civil Liberties
.Term Based Limits for Members of Parliament
.Small Government

If you like to help me set this Party up, please let me know.

This is what I made in Blender as part of the challenge.


I have a challenge for those who has been watching my Blender Tutorials. I have given you all the very basics of how to use Blender.

The Challenge I have for you is to make a Barrel. I don't care how you do it, just make a Barrel and show me your results in the comments below and I will look at them on Monday if people do partake in this challenge.

This Challenge is not about your confidence in Using Blender, it is an opportunity to encourage people to use their heads to produce something without being given specific instructions, I am not telling you HOW to make a Barrel, I'm telling you WHAT to make, think of it as a critical thinking exercise, how to challenge a task independently with no oversight.

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Previous Versions — Home of the Blender project - Free and Open 3D Creation Software

One of the main reasons I am making Tutorial Videos? So people can produce what they like, I happen to be somebody who does not like what is being produced nowadays so I am creating my own stuff from Music to Video Games to Animations, I also want others to produce what they like too which is why I am providing tutorials to give people the know-how.

I can't tell you what you should make, I'm not a College Professor, I am just some guy who wants Originality and Creativity again instead of the constant Remakes, Remasters and Reboots that we get these days.

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Blender 2.79 promotional Video This is more a of promotional video for tomorrow's Tutorial as what is shown has features/techniques that I will go through on Friday.

The only advice I can give to anyone who wants to order anything, there are two services I would not recommend wanting to be the ones delivering your orders and they are Royal Mail and Canada Post.

Royal Mail Sucks since they are always late with their deliveries and I don't care what their service update says about high volumes of parcels, not other service seems to have an issue, I had 1 order come from Asia and arrived in the UK in 4 days, I make an order back in December from Canada, 2 months since it was shipped and it hasn't arrived in the UK.

From what I know, it's no longer in Canada and it's not arrived in the UK so either the ship or plane went missing or someone's systems needs major updating.

I make no apologies for the lack of video content this week. If BitChute chooses not to process my videos, there is nothing I can do about that.

Plus any video that fails to upload on BitChute, I always make sure it is uploaded onto Minds and I always let this be clear with people. If you choose not to go onto my minds account to view my videos, that's absolutely fine but what I don't appreciate if people getting upset or annoyed about no content when I have clearly explained where they can go to find my content.

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The_Christian_Conservative_Gamer (@the_christian_conserva... | Minds Just a small but growing BitChute Channel, making weekly videos.

I'm thinking about making some tutorial videos, What do you think?

Also I am looking to develop my own website as well so I will be asking respectfully if you want to help fund my ability to set up a website, please consider donating to my Patreon or Minds account, any donation is greatly appreciated and as always, all donations are voluntary so you don't have to donate if you don't want to.

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Remember when the Left called Right Wingers Fascist? Well when I hear Left Wing Journalists and Activists advocating for Drone Strikes on U.S Citizens on U.S Soil, I am questioning who the TRUE Fascists are.

You know what happens when you look for an enemy? You find it and that's scary.

Given that Parler is back up and running again, for those new to viewing my account, I have a BitChute Account and a Minds account in which you can subscribe to.

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The Christian Conservative Gamer Welcome to my channel where you can enjoy a whole range of content from video games to online tests to simple talk sessions. I have a Patreon where you can support this channel and help keep it...

Things seem to be up and running again.