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Brayden Gritton BraydenGritton Give Me Liberty, or Give Me Death - Patrick Henry I will carry the torch of Liberty to my grave. And if that means one day soon I will be sent to it early, so be it! - Brayden Gritton

Had a great time with the best friends I’ve ever had! Miss hanging with ya’ll, next time you’re coming down to me!


URGENT: Joe Biggs Needs Help Fighting Trumped Up Charges Over Capitol Protest

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Wife Suffers Miscarriage Day After FBI Raids Home Over Combat Veteran Husband’s Presence at US Capitol

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Democrat Oregon State Senators Introduce Bill to Pay Black People $123,000 in Reparations

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After Word Got Out That The Inclusive SJW Crowd Bullied A Woman Off Of Youtube & Sent Her Violent Threats You All Mobilized & Gave Her The Strength & Confidence To Return

Here Is Her Message To You All

Huge W

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You All Made Me Cry... Bullied Youtuber RETURNS To Greatness! I Have The Best Viewers On The Planet! The #1 Way To Support This Channel Is Backing Me On SubscribeStar Become A Youtube Member! It's The #2 BEST Way To Support!...

People have lost their flippin' minds.

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“If you don’t worship the mask and distancing like it’s God, I’m sorry, but we’re through”

I guess the sane people will get out of bad situations much quicker now, at the very least

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Thanks To Reporting By @bariweiss We Now Know The COWARDS At Disney Never Bothered To Tell Gina Carano About Her Firing, She Had To Find Out On Twitter

Oh, Also Disney Tried To Blackmail Her Into Apologizing...

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Lucasfilm COWARDS Never Told Gina Carano She Was Fired & Disney Tried BLACKMAILING Mandalorian Star! What a bunch of slimy cowards over at Disney & Lucasfilm to not even tell Gina Carano to her face they were firing her, she found out on social media The #1 Way To Support This Channel Is Backing Me...

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