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Chauvin is Found Guilty on ALL 3 counts of Murder,
Susan Wojicki Wins most hypocritical Award of all time,
Officer Saves Black Girl from getting Stabbed,
Lin Wood makes an Epic speech with MANY BOOMS and Follow the Money...

Chauvin Trial Ends, Lin Wood's Epic Speech and Follow the Money - Rumble

Ill be live at 9pm (20 min) with @OldCraig


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Livestream 10pm Est - Special Guest John if the Patriot Voice to talk about a special MemorialDay even coming up with Flynn, Powell, Broaddrick, Papadopoulos, RP78, IET, and Me!

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Papa Fox · @realPapaFox ·


March 2020: "DO NOT visit your elderly relatives, they are our most vulnerable citizens and being exposed to this virus could be a death sentence"

It's not like Murphy & Cuomo didn't know what they were doing...

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Knowingly knowingly knowingly knowingly knowingly. All 5 knew. Rachelle Of Pennsylvania, the health Secretary even removed it’s mother from the home prior to his executive order. Did any senator ask Rachelle about that move?

NY Lawmakers calling for Cuomo's resignation...
This dude has thousands of deaths on his hands. He should be thrown in Prison.

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He at least needs a trial because of the deaths. Who knows if it would be fair to the nursing home victims, but Jan Dean and others deserve a day or a week in court.

The nursing homes, many died. People can not just let it be forgotten. If so, future people in charge will think mass killing a group of people is okay. It is not. And no matter what Biden is told to say, we should never accept genocide because of culture, either.

Final election fraud case dismissed without comment by the Supreme Court. Disgusting...
The entire system has been infiltrated.