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Billbubbabussey Billbubbabussey Co-Host of The Rick and Bubba Show.

Still learning Parley, thanks for the follows!

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YouTube has some videos on how to navigate Parlor.

Been waiting for y’all to jump on the Parler app! Glad to have you!

Would “rumble” block y’all the same way YouTube does for the music you play?! #MissTheMusicOnYouTube

Glad your here Bubsy!

Watch each day on youtube from Grand Cayman.
Love the show.
Stay in it!

I just joined Parler! Looking forward to meeting everyone here.

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Glad to see you here on Parler where free speech is actually alive and well. Looking forward to mixing it up with you here and keeping the truth alive in the face of the constant bias we face. Let's Go!

Welcome to Parler! Hello, welcome to Parler from @CamilleWead Share with your friends and welcome to the conversation!

Welcome to Parler! Help us MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN by clicking the link below. Be sure to text TRUMP to 88022!

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Hey, you been talking about an alternative to Twitter and Facebook.... here it is. It’s been here a little while, but now there is actually people using it now...
welcome to the Free Speech zone!

Is @rickandbubba the official Parler handle? I’m new to this platform also.

Come on with it son!

Welcome mr billlllllll bubbb baaaaa busssssssey!!!

Welcome to Parler Bubba.... listen to y’all every day!

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Name Hidden · @Private User

Welcome bubba,don't be mad with me!!!!!Roll tide!

Hey Bubba! Echo means retweet!

Welcome! I really appreciate your show!