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Mostly Right BetterTakesThanMost Everyone is a hypocrite. Will only apologize if I’m wrong. Liberty and autonomy are the keys to a safe and free society.

Had to get drug tested today. They racistly asked for my photo ID, and then had a paper chain of custody with multiple copies to make sure it was me.

Don’t think for a second Biden is in control. Harris and her handlers are. They need Joe to last as long as he can before they have to use the 25th.

The morons on Reddit cheering for the end of the filibuster deserve to be ruled like sheep.

I don’t.

See you TONIGHT, York, PA!

Wisehaven Event Center
2985 E Prospect Road
York, PA 17402

Doors open at 6:30 p.m. Election integrity training begins at 7 p.m.

I just want a libertarian awakening in the black community. They already know the government isn’t their friend. Now they need to vote like it.

Democrat voters get what they fucking deserve.

Follow and engage with people you disagree with to challenge your own perspectives.

I will say the things many are too afraid to say.

I would prefer a peaceful separation by states that care about the constitution, than a civil war spurned by Democrats attempting to confiscate firearms.

You gotta know when to whore out.

It’s so sad to see how fucking retarded people on Reddit are. I feel bad that their brains are basically mush.

The best way to course correct the United States is to have a libertarian uprising in heavy Democrat states that forces congress to appeal to them.

Then from there slowly replace representatives from both sides in purple states. As it stands now, the United States is heading for a one party rule and that should terrify everyone.

What is the point of taxation when the government will spend more money than it has?

All legislation should have a kill switch written in so that way bad bills are automatically repealed if they don’t reach their intended outcome by a projected date.

The ATF needs to be abolished.

Not a good day to be a Biden voter, and I’m loving every minute of it.

Democrats really should just elect glasses of water at this point.

Explanations of “Separation of Church and State” should include instruction to not make a religion out of the government.

The government is largely unhelpful and should never be relied on.

I need to build a following to achieve my goals.

Buy land, build a house that is off grid capable, own many guns, promote independence and autonomy.