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The volume of fake spam accounts on Parler is amazing. If I can detect the spam pattern these bot accounts use, why can’t Parler? OR, can they detect them but they welcome fake accounts to inflate their perceived user base?

If you get a series of likes and follows in rapid succession on comments you make, and when you check the pages of the users who followed you you find they all repost the same comments, that is a spammer network of fake accounts. They are just trying to get you to follow back to build fake influencer accounts.

They are playing to your ego. They don’t really like what you posted.

They like to use misleading names in their profiles. For example, if I were a famous person, they would create accounts called “Baron Colombo Fans” or “Baron Colombo Army” or “Baron Colombo Veterans”....

The accounts that do that with real celebrity names are spammers.