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Arthursido ArthurSido

The savages have always hated us but once they also feared us. Now they simply hate us. It is high time they remember, and we remember, why they feared us for thousands of years.

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Never Relax And Never Forget If you know anything today, you ought to know this: No one is responsible for your safety and that of your family other than you. Just you. ...

A serious nation wouldn't have a capital city with feral teens running loose, murdering people while carjacking them, despite having 55 cops per square mile.

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Dissident Thoughts: That Spin You probably have heard about this story, two black girls ages 13 and 15 carjacked an Uber Eats driver and drove off with him entangled in t...

Conservatives are patting themselves on the back for owning Ol' Joe over the disaster on the southern border but they are about to step on the rake like they do every single time.

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Watch Out For That Rake The other bit of news that is being overshadowed by the mass shooting in Boulder is the disaster at the border. This has led to a great deal...

The shooting of Asian run massage parlors in the Atlanta area was a primer for the big false flag shooting that is already in the works. That goober they claim did the shooting is right out of central casting.

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False Flag Trial Run Right on schedule.... 8 killed in metro Atlanta spa shooting spree; suspect captured in South Georgia Some goober shot up a few Asian run ma...

Quietly behind the scenes the investigation of Hunter Biden continues, bolstering my theory that it was a Democrat operative who leaked the laptop as a pretext to eventually remove former Vice President Joe Biden.

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Here Comes Hunter, There Goes Joe? When the Hunter Biden laptop scandal broke last year, I suggested in  Tinfoil Hat Time that the "leak" was quite likely done by a Democrat ...
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Arthursido · @ArthurSido ·

Equality of opportunity is racist, we must have equity ensuring uniform outcomes. If that means smart kids in Boston Public Schools get thrown back into gen pop, so be it.

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Dissident Thoughts: This Is What Equity Means Boston schools apparently have a program for their "gifted" students called Advanced Work Classes. It sounds like it is aimed at giving stud...