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50 States Half Marathon Club 50stateshalfmarathonclub Half Marathon Social Club with multiple challenges, awards, dinner & race meet ups, big annual awards night and member party, and more.

50 States Half Marathon Club is on a WIDE variety of social media, to attract a WIDE audience of members. I welcome our members to choose which platforms they like to use. We do not cater to any one specifically to be fair to ALL our members.

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I just joined Parler! Looking forward to meeting everyone here.

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Welcome to Parler. I will see you in the comments. Please leave a review on the app stores and share with your friends!

Welcome to Parler. The first step towards taking back your voice. Thrilled to have you join our growing community! Share with your family & friends. Let’s have some fun. Let's Parley!

Welcome to Parler! Help us MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN by clicking the link below. Be sure to text TRUMP to 88022!

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