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VIDEO: Can Trump bring Washington together on police reform? #Racism #Police #Reform

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The Daily Defender - VIDEO: Can Trump bring Washington together on police reform? The Daily Defender is a leading curator of breaking political news. Our goal is to provide news from multiple sources in an easy to use format.
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Of course not! What a stupid question.

Seriously this one isn’t on Trump it IS on the Locally elected mayors & State Governors

So the police must be reformed yet they will still be dealing with the same old murderous scum as they always do, will there be criminal reform also?

A good first step would be to veto the Dem bill if it somehow makes it through the Senate

No probably would take a act of God.

This isn't the right question (and it worries me that no one is even looking at, let alone asking the right question). The right question is, by what constitutional authority does the federal government have any say in local and state policing. The constitution forbids any federal policing. It specifically leaves that to the states and local jurisdictions, to run as they think best. The idea that everyone, on both sides of the aisle. seems to think it is okay for the feds to manage local police forces and have control over them, is one of the most disturbing and terrifying aspects of what is going on in our country right now.