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Trump basically said to go fuck them up! this makes me so happy

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Proud Boys made the debate

And Biden couldn't say shit about them! Love it!

Its like christmas

In minecraft bro

Thank you for all you do!

That’s a great idea. Fuck them up good. This Portlander is ready to cleanse our city of these Antifa scum. Let’s do it !!!

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3just killed in Portland including 11 yr old boy


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Steve · @SFarr

Call to arms

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Ready in a minute.

Let’s roll


I love it. 😄😄😄😄

Stand back and Standby

Beat the hell outta them.

Well I hope that idea which Biden calls antifa gets their just desserts. And blm too.

I heard “stand back and standby”

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I heard him say "proud boys? Watch out Joe..."

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Ksh30 · @Ksh30

Who is Trump debating? Why does CW keep cutting in?

I’m not sure it’s true. Show me and my followers when and where it occurred.