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Amy Peikoff · @AmyPeikoff ·

“[W]hat differences are there which cannot be [decided mathematically], and which therefore make us angry and set us at enmity with one another?...I will suggest that these enmities arise when the matters of difference are just and unjust, good and evil, honorable and dishonorable. Are not these the points about which men differ, and about which when we are unable satisfactorily to decide our differences, you and I and all of us quarrel, when we do quarrel?”

— #Plato , “Euthyphro”


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Fight me!

Nice philosophizing. Now fix your app.

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She was quoting an actual philosopher....

@Djtracer Would rather she focus on this buggy app.

Learn to code and volunteer to help fix it, 🤷🏻‍♂️

A woman needs a man, like a fish needs a bicycle.


That's all I got this early in the morning and not even 1 cup of coffee in.

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😅 ☕️

Go get some coffee...we’ ll wait...

@Djtracer Thank you for your vote of confidence and belief in me....... I do appreciate it. 😂

Must have been difficult to devise a system of objective ethics during a time when the rudimentary ideas of rights then were generally viewed as rewards that are attributed to the strong over the weak.

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Rights have always only been for the strong. The weak have no way to keep them for themselves.

This is why the US Government is able to strip its citizenry of so many. By centralizing and expanding the powers of government, they have made the people weaker, and therefore less able to protect their individual rights.

@MrGear360 The weak are unable to protect and defend their individual rights.

That is why man creates government to act as the agent of the weak to provide justice for the violations of their rights.

That people use the pretense of proper government to abuse the weak is precisely what we tried to get away from with our founding of a system of rights based law.

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DC555 · @DC555

See Aristotle

@DC555 I have my own inferences from your comment.

Would you care to elaborate so I may know more explicitly what you mean?

@grateful4liberties Government is a method of consolidating force into a larger power that is greater than the sum of its parts. It is an agent of force, and all of its actions are a use of force against members under its control.

That's not necessarily a bad thing, since that force can be turned against those who do harm, but if you let that force consolidation get too big, and too far away from the individuals, there's nothing that can stop it from using that consolidated force however it will.

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Name Hidden · @Private User

Wise words.

Isn’t it ironic when the Left uses “Be on the RIGHT side of history”. LOL.