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SHOCK VIDEO: Watch a mother plead for the lives of twin newborn babies while an Ohio hospital refuses to help. One of the babies, Elliot, breathed and cried for two and a half hours while Amanda pleaded for help and staff of Riverside Methodist Hospital (Columbus, OH) stood by. Afterward, the hospital deemed this a "stillbirth."

#JusticeForEmeryAndElliot #NotStillborn #Viability #22Weeks #RiversideMethodistHospital

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Broke my heart, couldn’t help but cry. Those precious babies deserved a chance to live. God bless their mother...

Holy shit guys. Are we REALLY ok with this...?

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Name Hidden · @Private User

Am not surprised a Methodist hospital did this. As a member of the church i know that it has been overtaken by the liberal agenda, which is why i am leaving the church.


This is sickening and pure evil. This hospital is not about saving lives.

Omg!!! What evil bastards!!! How dare they leave them to die!! The second baby was strong and had a chance of survival. They should be charged with murder!