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John Matze 🇺🇸 · @John ·

This is our victory as a community for free speech over the tech tyrants. This is a symbol that we want a Town Square for free discussion. We the people do not want to be told what to think, we do not want to be manipulated, and we want our data to be private. We reject technofascism and those who think they are the sole arbiters of truth. We reject their biased editorial panels, we reject their “fact checkers” and we reject censorship.


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Well done Parler 👏🏻🙌🏻

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When I googled searched Parler yesterday, terrible thins were said about it

@Ayodejijohn89 Never understood why people use Google its evil as hell.

@Ayodejijohn89 Of course. Ehy eould.the.left stop attacks on Constitutional rights? They have but one goal.🖕

I agree.

@ttocssiemanym Extremely evil and misleading

@MacAodha We all have to come together in prayers, because they would attack Parler

Congratulations John, and everyone involved

NO MORE CENSORSHIP! 🇺🇸 #thankyouparler

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Churches and christamity being attacked by blm and antifa, remember the Russian revolution, and the 30 million Christains who were murdered, same and worse will happen to the west if you let these tyrants win, racsist is were the word racist was first used

Hopefully this really takes off.

We shall see.

@Cheapest I agree. We must stop them. They are way fewer then us but they have the media spinning their racism claims. Did you know that more unarmed whites have been killed by police than blacks.

Fantastic let's get bigger.

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I'm trying. I'm following as many as I can.

I'm going to take double the extenze today!

How do we invite people to the site?

@Bandit97 I think the three horizontal lines yip left if your screen press go down second to bottom.

So pleased for you and the whole team! 👏 👏 👏

Thank you John & Parler gang!For helping conservatives #SpeakFree

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Great photo and passion!!!

That's the reason I'm here I can speak freely I don't have to watch every little thing I say, hope I'm allowed to call an idiot an idiot

@Annejefff75 Or a MAN who thinks it’s a woman. A MAN #onlytwogenders

More importantly helping the TRUTH TO EMERGE

So beautiful

Good job to the entire Parler team for creating this Free Speech Zone!

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Someone down voted this comment? Really??

Supporting Free Speech through capitalism and innovation!

Parler is crucial as essential can be to our freedom. Country is seriously on the verge of total collapse. If Trump loses, things will be insane, and we will all only be connected through #parler

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I dare not think what will happen to us in the rest of the world if President Trump isn’t re elected.
He is our last hope.

@Deda Yes. Unfortunately, Trump losing this election is very possible, much as we don't want to hear it, it's very possible. Best thing he can do is enforce law and protect the country, but only if right now tonight or the country fall apart.

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Name Hidden · @Private User

If he loses, I'm not sure Parler would be safe unless John has physical control of the servers and a "kill switch".

Totally agree. Same here in the UK and most of Europe. I fimally believe we are fighting to keep our grandchildren from being slaughtered.


Why are wearing a corollavirus mask?

Trump or Biden and I'm for Trump. This country is divided. But we the people do not want this country destroyed . Trump is right,we will fight for our freedoms. Does it mean civil war or will Trump finally find a legal way to get the army to push these traitors out or in jail.

😍 the power of the people.

I love it here at Parler. So glad we have a free speech platform now.

Congratulations John! I’m honored to be part of many wonderful Patriots that support true #freespeech 🇺🇸

Twatter’s description should read “Only our opinions matter”.... Congrats John!!

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Opinions welcome as long as we agreed with them

Right, I hate FB and Twitter!


They really need to workout some bugs though. Just some stuff on here that needs work.

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Yes. To be expected. It will take some work to make a complete flip from bird shit

@Sunnynewdaye Yea we will though. Just takes time. We have the momentum now.

@John John you've done a great job of the site and the app. Yes it's not perfect but it's a damn sight better than other alternatives like Gab and Bitchute. It feels slick, notifications work well. It feels like a real social network. I'm not surprised that it's just rocketed now that you have the users and public figures.

Good to see you downloaded the app this time ;)

Oh my! This is incredibly prophetic!!! So proud of you @John! Yay!!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Congratulations Parler, @a078092e6e2df507bfd12db471029eb3 and @Dbongino, what a fantastic acceleration to your championing of free speech, thank you for this awesome opportunity to build a civil speech community.

It is John after 5 years of being shadow banned, censored, followers taken, vulgar threats and attacks Parler is a breath of fresh air! Thank so much!

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Amen and agsin and again congrats

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Dang your a Kilgore lol I don't ever hardly see that last name anywhere! It looks like we have Great Taste in President 💯 TRUMP 💯💪👊!!! If you don't mind me asking where abouts are you from brother????

@skilgore382 Born raised in vallejo,ca rsised in salano/napa /marin county . What bout you