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Tom Forrest USA · @GotoTom ·

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The Twitter and Google Billionaire Criminals Strike Again. Google illegally spied on me, my workers, and my family. Online Freedom and Viewpoint Diversity Act Government Investigators worldwide, please see evidence against Google and Twitter YouTube/...
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Thank You for this information, but the million $$ question is what can we do? I now know after reading this and listening to the videos exactly what is happening to me. I know 100% that they have my phone tapped, I have lost 3 computers to hard drive crashes in the last month. 2 were basically like new. I have not been able to get responses on inquires to Government officials on info I have regarding some serious issues. On Twitter, everything I Tweet stays on my feed, or goes back in draft file. I have proof. I have had documents completely disappear. They (someone) has even stopped me from trying to go directly to POTUS Website. This is not only WRONG on EVERY LEVEL but Scarry! Now I know why I haven't been able to get through to anyone. I have pages and pages of proof and 3 crashed computers proving this is a huge issue for anyone that has info and is trying to get it to the right people

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We need to work together to stop Twitter and Google. We need the DOJ to file criminal civil rights conspiracy charges against Google and Twitter.
Tom Forrest

@GotoTom Is there currently anything in the works?