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Darrin McBreen @DMcB

The Election Theft EXPLAINED In 4 Minutes.
#MAGA2020 #StopTheSteal

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馃ぃpretty much


Thank you for that

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Hpl1 @Hpl1

Finally a boiled down version

Thank you for this condensed thorough explanation.
Trump 2020馃嚭馃嚫

The graph shows the BS ! Screw Biden the people with sense knows who won


I鈥檒l do it in less than 10 seconds...

Trump lost. Trump is a loser. Your fired Trump.

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Name Hidden @Private User

Go back to Huffington Post loser.

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Name Hidden @Private User

Wrong again libtard

What planet are you from?
You poor thing.

@judea04 Go back to your country jabroni

Your tears will taste good when we get 4 more years.

@TriggerHappy247 Go back to your country jabroni

@BennChod Born and raised here. We love America unlike you Biden Bros. Check your spelling fool.

You are the idiot. You're fired. Not YOUR. Jabroni.

@BennChod You like that word. Voting machines cannot tabulate 100k votes in 1 minute. Jabroni. Joe and his hoe cheated. Watch and learn.

@Mikey7842 Lol...I can't stop laughing at this. Love it.

When are you leaving.

Says a chimp form the land of the lost...ha ha

@TheRealElHeffy You dam right jabroni

Oh, yeah. So, let me think about this... Trump won 10 million more votes than in 2016, plus the ones that were stolen, but he still lost to "charismatic" Sleepy Joe, the most voted candidate in the history of US? Wow.

We need this video shared...

Wow! Nice propaganda! I think the KGB could learn a thing or two from you! The fact it鈥檚 full of unsubstantiated allegations and innuendo is it鈥檚 only problem though! The dramatic music makes it clear it鈥檚 meant to trigger boomers.

Pro tip: try to make your propaganda less transparent in the future!

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Stfu troll!

@Cdwinkler42 Is telling the truth trolling to you rightoids? Sorry you can鈥檛 recognize appealing lies for what they are.

Nice try comrade

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Name Hidden @Private User

You will soon see troll!

@Tfkelly Very original! I see your programming has been working well...

@SaltyEels You鈥檙e a left wing gas lighter. I bet you were spreading that impeachment hoax when all you had was an 鈥渁nonymous鈥 whistle blower. Propaganda? That would be CNN, FB, Twitter.. every democrat. You鈥檙e ignorant and it shows. You believe that a guy that never got out of his basement to actually talk to people won? Gtfoh, You鈥檙e a disgrace to America. You鈥檙e a sellout and a traitor. I bet you鈥檙e a coward too.

@Cdwinkler42 This video was echoed by Infowars. If that doesn鈥檛 tell you it鈥檚 propaganda you鈥檙e delusional, I hate to say. It doesn鈥檛 bother you that none of the voter fraud evidence has stuck so far? By all means, continue in your mass hysteria but you鈥檙e going to be in for a rude awakening on Jan 20th 馃槾馃泴

You talk tough for a complete sheep! I鈥檓 impressed. I鈥檝e found the people most certain in their world views are often the ones with the least wisdom. Your credulity just continues to confirm that. I just hate to see grifters like Jones whip up the gullible with propaganda that just affirms everything his audience wants to believe in, regardless of whether it鈥檚 true or not.

You know, children are really good at pretending too! Maybe you can also have an imaginary friend, but in your case, it鈥檒l be an imaginary president 馃槀馃槀馃槀

@Cdwinkler42 Sorry that reality has a liberal bias! Must be why you don鈥檛 like it much 馃

Hey salts stop dropping the toilet seat on your johnson.
Makes you a F**King Dimwitt

You must be so excited!

@judea04 Fortunately, my self esteem isn鈥檛 tied up in people affirming my worldview.

@SaltyEels Obviously, you are a professional arm chair warrior,.. but who gives a fuck about what you have to say?
You are nobody.
Prepare yourself for a complete meltdown when this is all over and Biden/harris will be the laughing stock of the whole entire world. Oh, except for China and Iran. Go Figure.

@Williamtower I am definitely nobody. At least I don鈥檛 expect reality to conform to my expectations of it, unlike some I could mention...

@SaltyEels You鈥檙e a complete goon. You鈥檙e saying signed sworn testimony isn鈥檛 evidence? You鈥檙e calling thousands of patriots liars? What evidence hasn鈥檛 stuck? The sad thing is, your side wants to bully people and then out of the same side of your mouth speak of unity. Y鈥檃ll are full of shit. Those lawyers don鈥檛 have to show you a shred of evidence. That鈥檚 for the courts. And yes there are left leaning judges out there that isn鈥檛 going to give these suits a second glance. Bias. You don鈥檛 think it鈥檚 suspicious that all the swing states stopped counting when trump had a huge lead in those states? That鈥檚 never happened ever in our elections! So I believe you are the sheep. You listen to everyone saying where鈥檚 the evidence ? Open your damn bias eyes!

@Cdwinkler42 Regardless of my or your feelings about the legitimacy of the allegations about the election, it鈥檚 going to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. I think that鈥檚 right and proper.

Affidavits are definitely evidence. I鈥檓 not demeaning any of those people; gently, many people believe things in good faith that turn out not to be what they think. In politics that鈥檚 especially true. I merely am pointing out the affidavits haven鈥檛 helped so far in previous Trump lawsuits alleging fraud, which have been either dropped or dismissed. So, so far it seems like they鈥檝e been used as a prop. If there are real allegations that are substantiated I will thank you for your doggedness.

@SaltyEels Another question. If Biden wants unity like he says, then why don鈥檛 he come out and ask for full transparency? They can鈥檛 even see the voter rolls in some of these counties. They鈥檙e not allowed to verify signatures. Why did dominion refuse to answer questions before the Pennsylvania Supreme Court? There鈥檚 tons of questions left out there and Biden isn鈥檛 helping with his legitimacy argument by disfranchising 74 million Americans. He just blows off legitimate concerns. I can tell you why.

@Cdwinkler42 I think there鈥檚 an element of legitimacy in what you鈥檙e saying. I remain skeptical that an effective legal challenge will happen but I鈥檓 open to revising my opinion if the right facts come out.

@SaltyEels You will get your socialism some day, and then you'll be without. Everything. You're ignorance is ASTOUNDING! Why do you think people fled their countries to come to this one?
And you're foolishly throwing it away.
Do you know about the peace treaties the Trump admin. has brokered between Israel and the UAE, Israel and Bahrain, Israel and Sudan and Kosovo and Bosnia?
Biden has been in government for near 50 years and part of that time was VP. They were too incompetant to Do it, but Trump has done it in less than 4.
Do you know that Trump has caused big pharma to reduce their prices on drugs? For instance, insulin went down from 98$ a vile to 35$. Why didn't Obama/Biden do that? Because they don't care about you or me or anyone else.
What's wrong with you?

@Myk9baloo You do realize that the US already has elements of socialism already, right? Ever hear of social security? Medicare? Curiously most Trump supporters don鈥檛 have issues with those programs when they鈥檙e benefitting them

@SaltyEels The difference is we have to work for them. On the other hand, we got people who don't want to work. It's okay though. Everyone will be in a nice nike shoe factory making Jordans for 5 cent an hour, to pay our debts to China with all of the looting that went on. You wonder why Trump didn't want to send relief money. That's coming out of the working peoples' money.

We the people are ready to defend our rights and our freedom. STOP THE STEAL

STOP THE STEAL rally Saturday 12PM at your State Capitol


94% turn out agrees.
Biden getting millions more votes than Obama agrees.
More voters in than residents in some counties agrees with this.

Together we uncover the fraud. Together, we the collective consciousness, push back and win back the war for our minds. There are millions like us bearing one similarity-we will not settle for anything short of freedom.

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Name Hidden @Private User

Fox has no more credibility than CNN or MSNBC.

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say it again!

Comment Author Profile Pic
Name Hidden @Private User

Still trust Hannity, Tucker, and Ingraham

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Name Hidden @Private User

@Name Hidden Their ratings have plummeted faster than an abortion doctor on judgement day. Their reputations will suffer if they continue to work in the sewer.

It brings tears to my eyes that we got to this point on our country! They need to pay

Dominion and it鈥檚 ways. This isn鈥檛 the first country to do this. Look north to Canada. Just happened

Dirty left bastards


-4am dump/Wisconsin 65,000 votes 100% Biden? Not even one for Trump (that's STATISTICALLY IMPOSSIBLE)
-4am dump/Michigan 138,499 votes 100% for Biden
-93% voter turnout Wisconsin (could never happen)
-Trump leading in GA, NC, PA, WI, MI and they "stop counting" ahead of vote fairy
-In Pennsylvania sworn affidavits and witness testimony of criminal activity during the voting process
-"Busted water line鈥 in heavily Democrat Georgia county delaying results until next day
-Video of boxes being walked into the counting stations in MI after poll watchers were sent home!
-Fairfax Virginia switched 100,000 votes from Trump to Biden "clerical error鈥?
-Wisconsin discovers over 112k Biden ballots between 3:30 am and 4:30 am (coincidentally)
-Wisconsin has more votes than registered voters!!
Yeah nothing is going on here. (MSM will gaslight you by saying "conspiracy theory with no evidence" WHEN I JUST LISTED TONS OF EVIDENCE.)

I want to see the Infowars tank role on up in the street with Alex Jones and Hulk Hogan leading the plebeians to the State Houses while Eagles sore in the sky and Uncle Sam rides down the street on a Harley.