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Rebekah Mercer · @RebekahMercer ·

My father, Robert Mercer, has neither involvement with, nor ownership of, Parler.

But, my father and I are very familiar with the tenuous relationship among the facts, the truth, and the press.

I have had a private Parler account, since Parler launched. I created the official @RebekahMercer account for the express purpose hosting the press release that I submitted earlier today. I apologize for whatever confusion this may have caused.

And thank you all for the heartwarming and humbling display of support!

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“Democrats Are The Banana Of The Republic.” ~m

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Lol...dude I laughed out loud

Democrat's are the Banana under Moochelle's dress

DEMOCRATS are Demons from Hell


@QikLime4Commies 😂😂😂😂😂😂

"Also soon to be in control of the Executive branch Banana of the Republic"

And so far, the people are the enablers

This is so darn good.

@Syren123 Spread it far and wide.

9th Amendment Culture. . .

“The most important political office is that of the private citizen.” —Louis D. Brandeis



Article Image

@Mdkruml Spread my wisdom that all may enjoy.

@Slmccray05 Go forth and spread the joy of this knowledge.

@Mobilian Preach this to the masses.

Good one! You were also able to sprinkle racism over it like a banana split sundae....very smart.

@hansdontbelievethat Please expand.

@ColtHeights We shall see.

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Name Hidden · @Private User

That's right!!!


Since you said banana republic
I have to offer
New Earth Project
And it's attorney on that platform..
It's Great sourced G_d Honoring platform
A lot of answers and People helping

Thanks for the free speech hangout!

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Hell yeah!

It nice to have free speech. Liberals hate it when u disagree with them Facebook kick me off for 2 years. It's nice to have a place you can come to and talk have an open discussion even though some might disagree on stuff is still what America is all about freedom of speech @N2flood

Also known as Meinspace

It helps to know there are others who believe and care for our given right for freedom of speech. I can breath again. Thankyou Parler.

Lol, how can someone down vote free speech?

Nice to have a Titan on the peoples side, thank you!

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Well summarized sir 👏


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A big Thank you and a great investment success, congratulations

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Name Hidden · @Private User

Thank you

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Name Hidden · @Private User

You owe no one an explanation. Fuck’em

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New Earth Project
# Line in the Sand
Blessing their available
You are invited
- G_d Honoring
Trustworthy platform and Grand scale..reporting
True News
And The Two Preachers for the times we live in

Thank you for supporting good people.

Glad we have someone like you standing up for principle. Thank you.

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I dont get it, who is she? Iv never heard of her before

Thank you for this wonderful opportunity. Now conservative Americans can speak freely and not have to worry.

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Yes of course 👏👏👏👏👏

It's a shake it has come to this ..but we will no longer stay silent

Thanks Dan

If you are looking for up to the date news and commentary on political topics like, Dominion Software, The 2020 Election, Fraudulent Behavior and much more...

Follow @TheNomadicOne

I figure that your private account would have an Early Adopter badge.

Congrats on the success of Parler! Looking forward to interacting now that you've come out of "lurker" status. haha

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Name Hidden · @Private User

Again, thank you for standing up for free speech!

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I hope many people of your stature come out and help the world. Also hope Elon Musk helps. Trump can’t do it alone and the world is behind you

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Must a person be of a certain stature before being allowed to contribute?

Elon maybe has the CCP Virus and he is an overweight middle aged like a lot of us. Hope he indeed beats the Chinese flu and will get around to joining and investing in free speech Parler in case he hadn't already done so. Im quite sure Elon is fed up with Twatter too btw.

Eli Musk has Covid and is down for awhile. Then....back to the weed!

Rebekah: As you are well aware, they will attack you when you do bad and they will attack you for doing good---until you give the Democrats money. Then they won't care what you do or who you support.

Tha k you for the vision of freedoms and liberties.
Follow me or echo if you like my comments.

Thank you! Please never sell.

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Several months later, it disappeared.
Don't sell out.

We love you Rebekah! Thanks for all you do!!

I got a question. Since Daddy Warbucks has so much moolah - you haven't done a stitch of productive work in your life - why can't you get some plastic surgery to fix that ugmo face. Or at least get some decent tits. You're uglier than a toad.

Seriously, if I found myself stuck on a desert island with you, I'd masturbate by myself until the end of days.

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Your a piece of crap go back to your basement 💩

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Name Hidden · @Private User

Probably do it anyway you fucking troll and I bet you think about your mother When you do. I know what I wish I wish your dad a little pulled out and squirted you on the floor instead of inside your mothers ovaries

Sorry you feel that way.

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

Love everyone as you love yourself.

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Kim · @BRLA

Echo and mute!

The problem with freedom of speech is that some people have no tact. You know this post says more about you than it does the person you are putting down. Have a great day!

stfu asshat 🖕🖕🖕

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Kim · @BRLA

@Robynrstewart Little one wants attention! Echo him and then mute..

I can't imagine having a life so empty that one could derive pleasure from this sort of thing, but to each his own.

I'd have to disagree. Wasn't sure who she was till this comment so I looked her up. If I wasn't married and had a shot I'd take it. My only guess is you have way too high of standards or you are just wanting to be a dick. I'll go with the later, because she is definitely do able not stranded not on an island, let alone if she was. Then again I banged your mom so my standards are in question.

Another Democrat shows his colors and Joe and Kamala cheer on.

AHole 😋!

Go back to Facebook.

Assume you have been practicing island life in Moms basement.

You jealous dude? Yeah, you're jealous. Go back to your mom's basement & playing video games in your underwear.

@chadshipp You ever notice how all of these social media leftist wussies never have the balls to use their real name?

They hide their personal identities while destroying others who dare to live free and NOT turn on the TV and obey.

Must be some sick Regressive Soros DemonRat being paid to troll Rebekah. So begone you Huuuuuuge POS.
Not all Folks can be as good looking as me ya know!!!

There is free speech and free expression . From your comments, therapy for your anger is something you should definitely seek help for. Attacking someone for how they look falls on deaf ears......

mean people usually end up masturbating by themselves in the end. I am sure you deserve that fate.