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TheBlaze · @theblaze ·

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We will see who will be tried for crimes against the republic!

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Oh but the left one to prosecute anybody that voted, supported, donated to, or even work for Trump. AOC even said that on tv.

Truly hope so!!!!!!

pos the dem are all insane

Old fools!

You mean because the crime mob says so? Not likely.

Right after the Clintons and Bidens pay for their crimes

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Yeah, they need to be first along with what Obama has done too...

Trump supporters are retarded

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Only idiots use that word!!

Go play with your friends not wanted here 👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉

Says the failed abortion

CREEPY JOE PEDOPHILE won't see one day in the Whitehouse.. go play somewhere else Libtard..Not welcome here..

No one here cares for or about you, get out!

urmommy please do us all a favor and believe in something that will save you. you have a right to your comments nasty as they are but those you call names of hate may be the only ones who will save you and your family. just give it sone honest thought it will set you free

Look into your Own Mirror and it will show you who the Retard Really is

We'llbe coming for you as well

Praying for you .

The fact that they support Trump doesn't mean anything other than their opinion differs from yours...the "retarded" adjective used in your statement is irrelevant because it is based on an unsupported assumption on your part which, in reality, wiuld be more inclinedto demonstrate that you are closer to being retarded than the group generality you refer to.

I will drink your tears 1st

Urmummy, if you are such fool who wants them in power, then those dems will enslave you. But you are lucky, Trumpers will save your ass anyway.

Go back to urmommys basement troll.

These people need to be thrown out of the government immediately

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Teku · @Teku

Russiagate 2.0!

Quick! Deflect and accuse Republicans of the dirty shit we are doing!

I'm a Libertarian nobody and I say Democrats and their allies should be tried for crimes against America.

I say the same thing about the democrats

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Name Hidden · @Private User

Wow!!!! They just don’t see it is them that are the criminals. Wish we’re go and arrest them piece of crap

Sounds like a “unity” message, Joe.

Charge Nancy Pelosi with #Sedation #CrimesAgainstHumanity

Why not Pascrell? The Nazis and the Bolsheviks did it, why not your brand of Fascism too!

Dems are the ones who should be tried for treason!!

Sounds guilty.

lmao....please state the legal statutes and grounds! pedophilic fuck!

Biden won
Get used to it
Time to accept it deplorables

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Why are you here ?? Don’t you have democrats to talk to about this ?? 👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉

Exit stage left. I went fishing again and look what I caught another small fry.

As we say in the south, it ain'tover til Trump says its over. Afraid the demoncrapsare in for a wild ride 😅😅😅

I know this is hard for a Democrat to understand, but Republicans prefer to have civil conversations, so if you're looking to name-call you might want to head to the cesspool that is Twitter and Facebook.

Evenif he did he wouldn't remember

Biden will be hung for treason when this is over. 80 million patriots will see to it!

Are you a time traveler? A psychic? A telepath able to read peoples the future? Because the vount isn't over, the Electoral College doesn'tmeet for another 3 plus weeks, and the the vourt challenges plus recount audits take no, Buden hasn'twon anything other than an excruciatingly hard focus on the fraudulent practices used by Dominion, Hammer, and Smartmatic software by theDemocrats. Buy some tissue "mommy"'ll need it.

Get the fuck off Parker you fucking ass urmommy!