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Amy Peikoff · @AmyPeikoff ·

It appears that #Socrates and I have survived the #texasfreeze. I hope that anyone else without power or running water gets theirs back soon! The weather was amazing yesterday, and will be for a few more days—hopefully long enough to complete repairs & enjoy some sunshine as well.

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Glad to see you made it through!! Being upper Midwest our freeze continues. I am sorry you had to feel our weather. No one deserves that that doesn’t live here!

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😅 at least you guys are probably more prepared, but 🥶

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I've been verified but I can't get a red badge. Can you help me?

so happy for you!

Had rolling blackouts all monday and tuesday then broken pipes wednesday. Been back up since then praise the Lord. At this point everything good in Bandera

Whoa 😳, wow 😳

We finally got water back yesterday afternoon. Many had it worse though. At least we only had intermittent power outages for about the 1st 3 days or so. Prayers for those who lost loved ones. So sad.

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Yes, others had it worse than we did. Still, spending so much time tending to or worrying about meeting basic needs has been eye opening for many of us during the last week-plus.

So glad to see it's over and hopefully there will be no more power failures in Texas. 🙏

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Well, not on such a scale, anyway! Hope...

That... would be true to form because Socrates believed in censorship also like you do.

Perhaps the most famous case of censorship in ancient history is that of Socrates. He was sentenced to drink poison in 399 BC.