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There are three endgame scenarios for this election.

Strap yourself in...

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New to Parler follow me if you love strong republican women 馃槝馃嚭馃嚫鉂わ笍

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Yes please!

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Jest7 @Jest7

Welcome my strong conservative sister.

Done. Follow me if u love a strong Republican

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Name Hidden @Private User

How do I follow ? I鈥檓 new to Parler still learning it

I love Republican women!

I will follow you sister. I have family in Oklahoma-Great State

All follow but I rather a self thinker.

Same, I'll follow all back, we can fight this great reset together!

Done 馃憣

Following you

@DebraSHarrison Thank you!馃嚭馃嚫

@JohnnyVanHalen Done 馃憣

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Jim @JHWalk

I am new to parlor and I admire strong Republican women. Not sure how to follow on this new app.

@BrunettePolitican You bet. We need to keep America Great and First 馃嚭馃嚥馃嚭馃嚥馃嚭馃嚥


@Name Hidden Just click on their little picture and their profile page will show up and click follow,hope this helps.

From one to another, welcome! Maybe you'd like to follow me back, too?

New to Parler also, and thrilled to see so many other strong Republican women flocking here as well!

I gave you a follow. Hope to get one back 馃槉. We must support each other and our Great President Trump!!!!

follow us if Bidens not your president

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Hope you follow back

If the legally counted ballots certify he won, then, yes, all American citizen's will have him as President. All Patriots though should also resist any attempts on his part (or anybody elses) to undermine our constitution and founding principles.

TRUMP CATD possibly the best D'Souza movie ever

@Gillsickles He'll no

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Name Hidden @Private User

Just followed.


Beijing Biden is NOT my chairman

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Name Hidden @Private User

Why are you on here? Biden isn't anyone's president.

Not my president

Bidens not anyone's President at the moment.

For the record, Biden is MY President!

Mark Zuckerb0rg recently donated $350 million to buy 2020 election outcomes including the important ones shown below. There is little doubt why Trump and the red team are losing in these strategic voting locations.聽 Here's the whole story in a YouTube NTD news video.聽 The story starts at聽2:55.

@ParlerLegna5891 How can that be...With litigation in 6 states and serious questions of fraud how can you determinethe outcome of the election...St this point these states may not even be able to certify . Now he may be but it's way too early to call Biden President elect

@ParlerLegna5891 BIDEN is a private citizen last I checked...

Not now, not EVER!

Biden can鈥檛 get 10 people to show up at a rally, but somehow gets 77 million voters to show up in a presidential election. Uh huh...

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He couldn鈥檛 get 50 people with lady Gaga and Bon Jovi such BS


Such a scam... Biden couldn鈥檛 win a game of bingo

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Name Hidden @Private User

I know. My sentiments exactly. Now what?

Funny, I keep asking the same question...

Georgia will certify its election results on Friday November 20th. Tick tock...
Pennsylvania and Michigan on Monday November 23rd.
Tick tock...

Exactly Biden is a bore and mentally diminished

@Mdyellen Georgia will certify its election results on Friday November 20th. Tick tock...
Pennsylvania and Michigan on Monday November 23rd.
Tick tock...

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Lysak @Lysak

Exactly. I said he couldn't get 10 people that weren't comprised of staffers or Trump supporters honking over him. Complete fraud.

Hey it's Democrat math. One for you and two for me kinda deal 馃槣

Well, when you use common core math it does. 2+A= Purple. 馃榿

How true

Now, now. It鈥檚 really hard to get up from your ho-hos and ring dings and drive your welfare-financed car to a polling place, but the party of Biden in a Bug Suit made mail-in cheating easy.

I know!

Twitter followers:
Trump - 89 M
Biden - 19 M

Pence - 6 M
Kamala - 1765

Nancy Pelosi - 403K
Omar - 2.3 M
AOC - 10 M
Chuck - 2.3 M

How can anyone believes this election was legitimate?

Biden learned the NEW MATH, 1+1=10.馃お

Do not make the mistake of promoting Facebookstyle echo chambes here 2.
Biden won thoseblue balls votes.
Be betternext time. Protect.
Local Barons dictate who will win.
DEMS's FAMILY is greatly empowered these days by billionaires, Media and Washington.

You don'town what you cannot protect.

Crazy right!!??!!

But ONLY in all of the swing states. All of the same states that stopped counting early sent everyone home and then found magical record numbers of votes in the middle of the night and only for one candidate..

The only end game I trust is the one where Trump wins with a landslide

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This is the only way

The only hope I see for the republic

If President Trump legal team has 11000 witness and 247 affidavits that proves irreglates with Dominion software they use you can guarantee its widespread like 28 states wide spread from what has already been in the news.

Too true!

Right on brother!

That's the only one that makes sense. Boring Biden blew it, underperformed Hillary in every major city across the country EXCEPT Milwaukee, Atlanta, Philadelphia, and Detroit.

Just so happens he did phenomenally well in all the cities where all the shenanigans are going on, yet everywhere else was a disaster and they wasn't us to believe not only that he won, but he also got more votes than any other candidate IN HISTORY??!!

Nope. Not buying it.

Its coming. Regan style.

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tim @TLind


Remember the Alamo!!!

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Government Lefties - you work for us, NOT the other way around.

We are citizens, not subjects, and you will not control us. No man, woman, or child is a slave. We honor the US Constitution.

And above all: As for me and my house, we will serve The Lord.


@45454545 And the left pissed on this election and will be dealt with.

Rememberwhat theysaidabout Noah. And then the great flood. Keep the Faith and pray hard

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Name Hidden @Private User

Remember Pearl Harbor, this was a sneak attack.

You know we do remember. #NeverForget

At the Alamo the good guys lost.

Hey no. They all died...

@Mamacr816 馃嚭馃嚥Thank you

wow sir. very inspiring to hear a convicted felon create wild conspiracies about other people

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Remove yourself from Parler

Right? That criminal Biden.

Don鈥檛 be stupid. People on Parler won鈥檛 be taken in by stupid remarks so you鈥檙e wasting your time.

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Name Hidden @Private User

Very disgusting to hear from a POS commie like you.

You followed us here because you know Biden is a loser. If not, you wouldn鈥檛 be trying to harass us. Go back to FB. You won鈥檛 be tolerated here.


He spent time in prison? For a campaign finance mistake and he took his kicks. "Convicted felon" lol nice try.

You obviously believe the leftists criminal actions against Dinesh DeSouza

Im sure you lived a perfect life. Im sure none of your friends or family has ever been arrested. Im sure you are a righteous and sober individual. Smears get you nowhere. The constitution does馃槈

Lol coming from someone who voted for a known racist, Beijing Biden, part of the pedo club are you?


Show your face coward

Fuck you. This sums you up


Mute 馃憢馃徎

Mr. Fish, try to remember exactly who it was that 鈥渃onvicted鈥 him of a felony. Maybe this is one of those times that you should have distinguished yourself by proving you can control your fingers.

@Anglofmrcy4u Nah, let the idiots stay. That's freedom of speech. They have the freedom to be complete morons. They also have the freedom to suffer the consequences. Let us show them the consequences rather than the door.

Hey, Mike, might want to try that 馃悅馃挬 on Twitter or Facebook. Won't work here. Notice no one is following you?馃憤

Why don't you show your stupid face.

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Name Hidden @Private User

What are clowns 馃ぁ like you gonna do when you can't cry to the twitter overlords to censor someone because your skin isn't tough enough to handle diversity of thought?

I like your last name but not your comment, that theory sounds awfully fishy to me

Excellent summary, as always.

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In 2014 when you were wrongly convicted and sentenced to prison the Republicans controlled the House and the Senate. In my opinion your option is unacceptable.

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Oh snap lol


Oh my. Lol


You think?

Well harris is good at that...not only a country but half of washington

Best thing Ihace seen all day!!

Love it

Ha ha ha ha!

Follow me for funny conservative comedy on parler @JeffWalter
Don鈥檛 forget to echo!

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Lol !

Nailed it!!!

Dude killed more people than bin laden

He wasn't that endowed by his creator ;)




I believe that "Homo" is a mafia, thug.

I thought he was a dicktaker no?!?!?!?! Lol 馃槅

Like inslee


My end game: RESIST and PROTECT my family.

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I like your End Game best!!!!

Thank you

There are Millions of us out there with the same end game 馃槉

Sounds about right to me

TRUMP 2020! UPVOTE FOR TRUMP! (Follow me if you would like! I post republican content! God Bless!)

Trump won election

Follow > @17lionheart < if you agree

Absolutely perfect!!!!
What an incredible game of chess!
THIS, the executive order of September 2018 declaring us in a state of emergency for the election to protect from foreign election influence, incorporates a setting of the scene, the RICO Act built into it, and the ability to preset initial charges and steps of execution, once the evidence is presented to a court, possibly the SCOTUS!

Once EVERYTHING is seized, everything can be revealed and the complicity and evidence brought to light for sedition and conspiracy to commit sedition.

If the evidence exists, that involves a foreign power and the intentional release of a weaponized biological agent by a foreign power, a declaration of war should follow immediately!
You could not create such a fantastic story in a wild imagination and yet, it could be the reality we may ALL be facing soon.

Thank you Mr President!!! A wicked game of chess played by a chess master!!! MAGA!! Trump2020!!!

Buckle up and get your popcorn patriots!

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Agree, don't give up, this shit is deep!

Awesomely stated! Texian Patriot has the process nailed, Trump will lead to victory for America!

Yup he saw this coming with that executive orderin 2018

Trump isn't going to declare war. He has spent his presidency keeping us out of wars.
I agree heartily with the rest of your thought line tho.

Well said by our parley patriot

Its ALL unfolding now, funded in part by George Soros.

Release the Kraken!

@Alcapinpin Thank you.
I believe Nuremberg was an appropriate and FINE example of SWIFT Justice for what has been going on and done. Much more discouraging to it being attempted again.

Comment Author Profile Pic
Name Hidden @Private User

I will and will !馃嚭馃嚫馃嚭馃嚫馃嚭馃嚫

I want president Trump to win and I don't give two craps about anything else

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Us too

Has anyone noticed the amount of snarling gammon faced Democrats coming onto Parler ? I've had lefties with steam coming out of their ears, venting their spleen like mad people. Is it something I've said ? ...surely not 馃槉

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Isn't it amazing how easy it is to allow them to state their crazed opinions, yet have the freedom to block them from having to be read further? Free speech in action

@Vmd614 Yes VM, they are like mad demented people

Don't give any response. Let them know their comments are not worth reading.

They are so frustrated they can not control our speech here,yet they get to post,they hate freedom,slaver mentality.

Let them come freely. Their voices will be drowned by the truth

@Alan2222 Political brainwashing and conditioning is a very effective weapon

Just sore losers馃嚭馃嚫 Trump won by a landslide!! Everybody is worried about TP, well the left should stock up on Kleenex馃殏

Indeed I have noticed. Unfortunatefor them that we speak truth and do so in an intelligent manner.

Yeah I've seen the pathetic little cry babies posts most make me laugh and think how can some people be so stupid they get really furious that their are people out there that aren't brainwashed like they are

Mute them and block them. Dont even thumb them down. You give their voice a platform by doing so.

Yes ive noticed!!

It's not you,... Meth Pelosi vodka self abuse and insecurity combined with endlesss failure takes a toll on a princess.

I haven't seen any intelligent content from any of them. They're just trolls, upset that there is a place that will allow us to spread the truth freely now.

@EricJausel So true Eric.

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Yep, keep your powder dry !

Hell yes it's time for the American Patriots to defeat tyranny again

"...The Right of the People to keep and bare Arms Shall Not be infringed." Directed at Congress, our forefathers clearly meant the 2nd Amendment should be a warning to ANYONE, including Congress, that should they attempt to disarm We the People, it would be cause to forcefully remove said government and replace it with a government suitable to the nation. This is tied directly to our Declaration of Independence. A God given right.


Well put Dinesh. Your point of view is so clear and eloquent in this time of shorthand nonsense. I appreciate your candor here.

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I do not see option 2 occurring. I see option 3 occurring wherein SCOTUS directs hand recounts and ballot scrutiny for legality (which necessitates SCOTUS defines what is a legal ballot) for every state that used Dominion software.

@Trojan88 Totally agree with your assessment here. Hopefully from your mouth to the Justice鈥檚 ears.

There is only one. Trump wins.

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Correct. Has he bumped his head?

I wish that was the only one. But the corrupt politicians are saying tough crap, we won by cheating, deal with it. Georgia is going to be certified for Biden on Thursday and the Supreme Court hasn鈥檛 said a peep as far as taking the Dominion fraud case that Sidney Powell has been working on.

I hope you are right.