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Rebekah Mercer · @RebekahMercer ·

John and I started Parler to provide a neutral platform for free speech, as our founders intended, and also to create a social media environment that would protect data privacy. Benjamin Franklin warned us: "Whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation must begin by subduing the freeness of speech." The ever increasing tyranny and hubris of our tech overlords demands that someone lead the fight against data mining, and for the protection of free speech online. That someone is Parler, a beacon to all who value their liberty, free speech, and personal privacy.

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@RebekahMercer Beautifully stated!!!!

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Thank you

Finally our voices are uncensored and I hope all who use this platform will show the world that our words are genuine and our goal is to restore our great nation to the principles set forth by our Founding Fathers.


So well stated!

Thanks for the great post. Couldn't agree more!


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Name Hidden · @Private User

Thank you stay blessed

I like it

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K · @Kleb

Very good! Thank you very, very much!

She telling false Dan Bongino is the Owner of Parler

@1stSouthernYankee He is a big shareholder but he doesn't own it 100%. John Matze is the creator and owner too.

🚨🚨ECHO ECHo ECho Echo echo🚨🚨
All post and echos of mine that you like
SMASH THAT📣®️™️🚨🚨 #stopthesteal Expose the fraud... #Fullaudit ... and release durham report #transparency2020 @a8b7bd190b1b447b9ae067cf456712cb @Name Hidden JUST THINK ABOUT IT...most African American, most Latino/Hispanic, most Evangelical, most Jewish, most Muslim, most LGBTQ, most White, most Asian, and most Senior turn out ever all for Trump. Joe Biden only led in age group 100 - 125 with dead voters and scammed ballots from out of state voters. France outlawed mail in ballots 40 something years ago because of rampant fraud. Dems changed last minute election laws that dumped 100,000's if not millions of votes only to biden. All election laws in states changed due to covid, but CDC allowed in person voting for covid positive cases expose the blatant cheating #stopthesteal #election2020 🔥🔥Go to my page and echo all posts please so we can get the facts out there properly. Thank you for spreading the word 🔥🔥

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You have been through SO much! THANK YOU for continuing to fight for us, the little guys, the true patriots! If not fir you we would never have known how deep the swamp is! You are a TRUE ANERICAN AND #MYPRESIDENT

What is real

@Tdavidson2009 Check my page out and echo all posts you like cdc said 3-4 days b4 election

we could go back to the way it started , only Landowners could vote . I personally think if you don't have I. D well you can't vote , if you can't go vote unless you are in military service abroad only way for mail in , only written ballots be aloud be hard to fuck with that

@pilkingtondarwin I FEEL THE EXACT SAME WAY !! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

How do I echo? Is that like "share"?

POTUS never give up on us. Stop the steal

We fraud has been prove we have to go thru the process, Biden and kamala are running around talking like they won. We the people have a right to due process. The ones that yell the loudest.are guilty. I know more about our government right now , watching it faithfully fo almost 4 years and I think millions have done the same. If there was a recount I feel we would pick up millions more voter knowing more about Biden/hasdis agenda. It is up to us to make sure we keep voters fired up enough to get back out and vote.

I agree

Lol 😆

Amazingly stupid. You have literally no data to back that up. But people that believe in stop the steal have been absolutely stupid up to this point. Why change?


@Jansmith899 BIDEN 2020

@Mentylyentyl We won't ☺️ welcome president elect Biden

@Mentylyentyl Find actual evidence of widespread fraud

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FWsr · @FWsr

@Antiantifa666 Why the aggressiveness? If there's nothing to worry about....

@FWsr Oh I'm not worried ☺️ I know Biden won. By a lot. Just kind of pathetic to watch you all claim baseless stuff. I mean the guy posted that Trump had the lead in all those minority groups? Come on. I know it sucks Trump lost but this isn't healthy for the country that you're spinning wild conspiracies that they can't even prove.

Let FREEDOM RING! Thank you for giving us an uncensored platform so we may all be heard!

@pilkingtondarwin You have to have a valid license to drive on the United States roads. You have to show ID to pick up your child from school. You have to have some form of ID to do a lot of things in the United States. There's no reason not to make it mandatory for anyone in order to vote, especially when voting affects the entire country. They need to make better legislation in ALL states that prevent future fraud.

I have heard about the Dominion machines and wondered if that is where the Democrats did not want you to concentrate where the errors would be, but on the mail in voting they knew you would look more heavily for the errors. I do not trust in the voting and this time is the best time to make corrections to future voting. Many Americans are in agreement with this.

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Otzi · @Otzi

@Tdavidson2009 God's love, light, & truth are the reality & eternal.

Thank you! Our voices should never be silenced

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This is a neutral platform?

@MagaWhiteWarrior I know we do have a few trolls. We are not erased here. We say what we want.
You can go away fool.

Ty, I agree.!!!

@MagaWhiteWarrior It leans much more conservative, but if you're on the left, you have as much right to be on here as we conservatives do. Freedom of speech goes both ways

@Reconstitutionalize Exactly. Freedom of expression, without censorship and regardless of ideology. Although the app is mostly for conservatives, everyone is accepted here.

Absolutely Agreed

Thank you so much. I have been encouraging others to sign up.

While I don't agree with you, but you are beautiful that for sure.

Thank you! Our voices should never be silenced

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No one really was. Y'all just got tired of reality saying Trumpsters are wrong and ran to a safespace

@Antiantifa666 Cute John, did your mom write that for you because your hands were covered in Cheetos dust..? Climb out of your parents basement, and get a job. Because anyone with eyes and actually stands up for what they believe, no matter who it is if it's positive toward our country, are silenced, attacked, lied about, job security threatened, family threatened, ect.. that isn't being Censored..?? I see what's going on.. you're just a Troll... But thank God everyone is welcome on here..!! God loves you too John..!! God Bless America and God bless Donald Trump..!

@WilderGuy89 God would hate Trump. It's weird how you with eyes haven't noticed that a lot of us liberals actually have jobs. I mean we got to raise the taxes to pay for those failing red states like Mississippi and Alabama. More of my tax payer dollars go there than back to my coastal state. Anyone with eyes can see that.

@Antiantifa666 Anyone that would support a terrorist group Antifa and support 666 the mark of the Beast in there name instead of there real name and picture is a COWARD and obviously doesn't have a backbone let alone a job. So you lost all arguing credibility when u said God. Anything after that was Mumble Rap.. good luck in life man/woman/kid/they/them/ECT.. I won't respond on this woman's post anymore. You see and know who I am you can talk to me anytime you want some real common sense and facts..! Peace and love God loves you too John

@WilderGuy89 Anyone easily triggered by 666 is someone who worries about the wrong things. I don't need gods love because I don't believe in him 😊

@Antiantifa666 That's ok.... He still loves you..!

@WilderGuy89 And he's free to. But I'm not going to hide behind God

@WilderGuy89 Lol good one Bill

@theaJenda Why are you here? This is just a large circle jerk for conservatives who don't want to be bothered by the existence of facts 🤷🏼‍♀️

@theaJenda This whole platform seems pretty anti fact


Outstanding post! May our freedoms not be taken from us.

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Name Hidden · @Private User

We still need to keep fighting for our freedoms 🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸

@Name Hidden Always

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Name Hidden · @Private User

@JoanneLouise Seems our President cannot trust ANYONE. How DEEP the Deep State is. You MUST WATCH the documentary, The Plot Against The President. It will make you SICK at how corrupt the Deep State government is. Its time for people to STAND UP AND PUSH BACK. This is the GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD, we CANNOT let the USA fall.

They can be taken if we give them up.

Our freedom s must be kept and faught for just as 45 is currently doing in Court.

@98medusa Our rights are not privileges. They are given to is by Providence.

May the Lord show us the way to keep our liberty, and watch over the patriotic, God fearing people of the world! Amen.

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Mary · @Gramm


Only liberals supress free speech.

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Yes!!! And Facebook. This place allows us to say whatever we want no matter what!!!!

Really? May you need a history lesson

@Dymplesmyl I'm not talking historically. I'm talking about what is going on now.

@504heather If you downvote something have enough nuts to leave a comment. Pussy liberal.

@snakeplissken69 Then I apologize, liberals are still pussies though.

@snakeplissken69 You are fucking delusional. How's that?

@snakeplissken69 Here's a comment for you. We liberals don't give a fuck about your opinion and we're not going away. You can start as many "safe space" apps as you want, we will still show up to oppose your racist, mysoginistic, selfish rhetoric.

@hypatiaschild Dimwit, you've been thoroughly brainwashed . I'm embarrassed for you.

@Dymplesmyl A history lesson? Do u not have internet to see what is happening right now?

@BruceButler1975 Yes. Joe Biden is beating Donald Trump. Millions of Ameecians were able to take advsntage of voting by mail. Ive done it for the the last dee Elections. Nownthat people know thay mailing yor ballot is actually safe, which is the opposite ofnwhat trump said, they wupl feel confortable to keep voting by mail which helps our voter turn out. Regardless of whatbside a person chooses they should know absentee is a lefit way to vote. There is no wide spread voter fraud. Every election has had some fraud, thats the norm. It is not wide spread. That's what is happening

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Name Hidden · @Private User

@Dymplesmyl Your a fuck'n chinese bot aren't you?

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 biden 2020

@hypatiaschild The better question is if you hate this country so much and love socialism why don’t u get the fuck out - tough guy


@hypatiaschild Racist? Misogynistic? big words for such a small brain. See thats the problem with you liberals, you pull the racism, xenophobic, misogynistic, card but dont produce any facts to back it up. Conservatives believe in equal opportunity for the best person. None of this BS affirmative action crap. So keep lying to pathetic soy enriched self.

@Name Hidden Go back to Twitter you fucking liberal loser.

You are down to just two remaining news outlets. That is not news, it's an echo chamber.

@Denverjomo So then you are agreeing with me. Good.

Well done. I hear all of you are Russians. LOL. They are so stupid. Keep up the great work. I came here early. 2 years next month.

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No way really,? Crazy, good for you

Wow, I didn't know parler has been around that long. I just recently joined.

@TG1Kendra Welcome. I had never been on a social media site until I joined Parler. Very nice reading and sharing with NORMAL people.

Thank you,comrade. Oh damn, that just slipped out!

True, we are all Russian for Parler. 😂 Sorry, couldn't help myself.

@TG1Kendra It was very early and glitchy back then. Twitter kept kicking me off because of trolls. My tweets were suppressed also. This is much better. Truly free speech. Twitter sucks.

They are not stupid; they are rather possessed. They know their business: intimidation, discouragement, distraction. Funny thing, they lead us to the ditch they planned for us, even that they fell first.


@LuisAHernandez Well said!

I have been here since the beginning.

It seems that they are trying to silence you guys next. Big Tech can't stand competition!

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Don' t know how they are to. How many of us are there? And more joining every day.

Right on, I just joined and this amazing! I feel our voices are finally being heard! And I can't stop laughing at the liberal talking heads bitching that they can't stop us! Keep up the great work!

Because they are afraid..

@Gatorkellogg Welcome. Feels good doesn't it my friend?

Please, I beg you, remember that. Once FB bought Instagram, it occurred to me that most people have a price. You guys are into a great thing.

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I hate facebook, nasty stuff pops up on ur screen who knows where it came from. I would completely delete it. But my family on there & i have my Journey's Path Arts , Crafts,& Poetry too. Ps. CAN anyone , tell me how to make a website & then how do i use it ?

@Njak89 Yes. Word Press is probably the most traditional way to create one. It’s free, but you’ll end up having to pay someone like $40 -$100 to register your website name. (That’s how it used to be anyway.) I know they have easier ones now, but I’m thinking WP is the most legit. Lots of scammers out there. But you learn as you go.

@VoxMerus Ty VoxMerus do u like folk art?

@Njak89 I can build a WordPress website for you and teach you how to use it. It's quite easy.

@Njak89 Here are a few steps to get you started:
1. Go to and purchase a hosting plan. They'll probably give you a free (.website) domain for free. You can get hosting for as low as 2$ per month.

2. Once you have your hosting and domain ready, you then proceed with Installing WordPress and connecting your domain.

3. Viola!!! Now you're ready to build your site for the world to see.

You could either try to find your way around it and set up the site if you're tech savvy, or you could hire someone like me to help you out.

I Worry about that too...

@Njak89 Go to They have free websites and tons of cool templates from which to choose. They're easy as pie to use. You can do this! LOL

@Njak89 I'm having the same Facebook struggle. I'm probably going to stay through the holidays and then shut it down. I'll hate falling out of touch but I need to do my tiny part to fight censorship. Parler has said they'll be adding some similar features to Facebook in the near future. Hopefully that will happen.

Will Instagram is next to be scaped

Alphabet . Google. Microsoft. Facebook.. all probm

don'tsell out. fb, Googleand Twitter suck

my thoughts exactly! fingers crossed tho

Its very telling when nearly everyone in medicine with a graduate degree feels the same way about a political platform. They want to cut compensation to the people that keep us safe (LE) and cut compensation to the people that keep us well (PAs and Dr's). Yet no mention of cutting the salary of people who possess no essential skill.. with no essential qualifications.. weird

@Tdavidson2009 I keep hoping there’s someone out there who is wildly successful and can’t be bought. We’re human, I guess. Maybe everyone can be. We all like to think we can’t.

@Njak89 Have you tried MeWe yet? Its like Facebook but has parlers principles. They even have a privacy Bill of Rights.

@Kittypowpow Do u pay to get in? And if yes how much?

@Njak89 Its free and has no ads.

We are so immensely grateful to have a free and welcoming platform. Thank you.

Wait, you only joined today?

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Well. With this account yea

@John We LOVE PARLER! Thank You!!!

@John [snicker]

Had to leave the Twitter verse because they look

@Plman4 What do you mean by “they look?” I mean, I’m sure I agree. That just seems an odd way of describing it. Or else really poignant.

I found that interesting too

@John Please please please don't be the bad guys... Us sheep are so easily manipulated.

@DammitDarin Wrong platform for sheep, you are here to troll 🙄

Glad you dud!!!


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Biden 2020


Glad you did!!!

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The autocorrect on Parler has some challenges.😁

So jealous MSM


Thank you!

This feels like the Freedom of the TeaParty discussion sites like years past

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All Republicans ask the time, no opposition, no oppression. Free speech no fact checker,,, lol love it

So ill informed and mad at the wrong people? Yup

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gail · @gailk

Yes, it does! Thank You TEA PARTY for showing us that we DO have a voice and'sa LOUD ONE!!!