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Kari Lake · @KariLake ·

Netflix cancellations skyrocket 800% after backlash from “Cuties”—a program that many customers complained showed children in sexualized roles.

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Sends a clear message no more brainwashing threw sick programing

Pedophilia doesn’t sell. Sorry Barack Obama.

They got what they deserve for putting that on their programming. Shame on them. They understand if you punish them.

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Name Hidden · @Private User

What the hell is propping it’s stock up?

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Phil · @PhilSr

Let the law suite begin

Take the bums out forever

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Name Hidden · @Private User

Yep it felt good canceling this garbage.

I looked to see if I had any stock, I had a little and sold it. Yes it was a gain. :)


This is good news but what does 800% higher mean. If it went from 0.01% to 0.08% that's insignificant. We want good news but not fake or misleading news. Please don't treat us like democrats

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They're still way positive on subscribers this year.

Good, hope they loose more customers


Aw, that's just a wicked ripping shame, ain't it?

I’m personally happy for the cancellations. I cancelled and haven’t missed it at all! Same with Twitter. The only way we are going to make a difference with these giants!

Yo i havent paid for Netflix in 13 months i have no idea who is paying my Netflix its kinda creepy why u still have it

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Maybe socialists pay for your cable 😂

If you have T-Mobile..they are paying for it

A Program that never should’ve been put on in the first place.

Very good. No Netflix for me.

They gained something like 20 million subscribers this year... They won't learn a single thing except to sexually abuse more children for profit.

I hope they go bankrupt to match their morals!