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They are the fake jews, imposter jews, false jews... worshipping famous dark forces, jewish / khazarian mafia!!! aka mishpucka

Hillary clinton says "mishpucka" in a meeting satan..the

You NEED to Hear this WARNING from 1969 | @The Terry & Jesse Show Terry and Jesse review a 1969 report on Communism by G. Edward Griffin. --------------- FULL Video: --------------- KEEP IN TOUCH Instagram: VMPRadio...
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User Clip: HIllary Clinton Says She's Mishpucka (Jewish Mafia puppets of the Vatican) Like Rahm | See how many minutes of this you can stand as Hillary and Rahm brag about their organized crime ventures

You have definitely lost what Little bit of credibility you might have had.


Hey old man, it goes over the nose, sleepy sleepy night night, breathe that Co2.

The picture that pops up makes it look like he’s has a large cup size!?! He should really consider wearing his jacket.

ohh shit i might have to change and become a democrat lolz #tellmemorejoe #joecamel2020

RATs have a problem with counting. And decimal places.

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Biden Thinks He Is Counting The Money He Got From China..Ukranine..Russia‼🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Or His Is Counting The Tax Money He Is Going To Get From The American People If Harris Wins The Election‼🤣🤣🤣🤣

Can’t be any more asinine than the new green deal.

I'll take it!!!

Why bother wearing a mask if you're not going to cover your nose?

He can't relate to how people could possibly live on thousands a year, that's a lunch to him.

$15,000,000 per hour could be offered by republicans and democrats would blame big business and then offer $45,000,000 per hour to show they care more.

I can I possibly live on less than a guy who throws a ball through a hoop makes?

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Oops. I hate typos.

(1) Dr. Merritt on Masks.

(2) CDC: 85% of CV-19 patients report ‘always’ or ‘often' wearing masks but Oopsie they don't work very well..

(3) Then there's masks are Political THEATRE...

Dr Lee Merritt speaking on Masks, Lockdowns Dr Merritt speaks on masks, detrimental outcomes of lockdowns, and the psychological impact on children from COVID. "Dr. Merritt is a classically trained physician and obtained her medical degree...
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🔥🔥Hot mic...PA Gov Wolf and Rep Ullman masks = political theater 🤯 From an event in Doylestown Pennsylvania, September 29, 2020. Governor Tom Wolf and PA State Rep Wendy Ullman chat about removing their masks to speak. Ullman says she is going to play “political...

The Democrats put their best foot forward. Biden is the best mind that the Democrats have.🙈

Well I didn’t think anything could get me to change my vote to Trump but if Biden can promise $15m he’s got my vote!! PS I’ll retire after 1 hour’s work.

What an Idiot
Love the Car Horns ( thanks Republicans)


Did he learn maths from Dianne Abbott?

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Maxine Waters‼‼🤣🤣🤣🤣

He’s a boob