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Massive national security issues. Massive. I'm told Dirty Venezuelan & Cuba money behind dominion. The software also has components from china. This is about to explode.

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🚨🚨ECHO ECHo ECho Echo echo🚨🚨
All post and echos of mine that you like
SMASH THAT📣®️™️🚨🚨 #stopthesteal Expose the fraud... #Fullaudit ... and release durham report #transparency2020 @a8b7bd190b1b447b9ae067cf456712cb @b75b6a86b30f4c149c87ff5344c29f5b @RyanAFournier JUST THINK ABOUT IT...most African American, most Latino/Hispanic, most Evangelical, most Jewish, most Muslim, most LGBTQ, most White, most Asian, and most Senior turn out ever all for Trump. Joe Biden only led in age group 100 - 125 with dead voters and scammed ballots from out of state voters. France outlawed mail in ballots 40 something years ago because of rampant fraud. Dems changed last minute election laws that dumped 100,000's if not millions of votes only to biden. All election laws in states changed due to covid, but CDC allowed in person voting for covid positive cases expose the blatant cheating #stopthesteal #election2020 Go to my page and echo all posts please so we can get the facts out there properly. Thank you for spreading the word

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#stopthesteal #fullaudit 👩‍🏫✊🏻

There is NO button for echo

Hope they all hang

We love you President Trump! Hang in there and that 71 million+ Americans cast legal votes for you!

Age 100-125... lol. Thats is very true

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Name Hidden · @Private User

Many sources out there that can see the truth!





What is going on with Fox news????? Have they been bought off??? Who is influencing them??? All I hear now is anti- Trump rederic????


I wrote well before election day that these progressive Marxist liberal globalist socialist Dems were trying to STEAL THE ELECTION. They're think they've succeeded. They put their hands in the fire, now let's help them to burn them off. This is just some more of the evidence.

There it is.

He also use it to win his first Election .. so let Winner b

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Name Hidden · @Private User

I stand withTrum FULLY!

@Kayabell777 I quit watching fox

Cant wait

@Peggyjeanalways What is Echo actually?

Amen, this can not stand, fight for President Trump or it just get worse.


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Double wow!

@trustisdead Chinese for "wow."

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Name Hidden · @Private User

That's what I said

@Name Hidden In Chinese?

Yeah buddee. Wowser.

I hope so they should all be locked up can't win fair and square so let's cheat

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Kate7 · @Kate7

Please God. Let it explode

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Oh it’s about to! Lol

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Kate7 · @Kate7

@Calwhitby Is it ok if I pray for it to happen???!

@Kate7 Absolutely! :-)

BOOM... it will.. God 🙏 prepares us even now

@Calwhitby I see what you did there.


I agree! Let the world see the corruption


The media can't ignore this much longer

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Amen!!! Plz plz plz hurru

I was praying the same

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Pj · @beagles


Amen 🙏

@Kate7 Heck yeah!

@Peterdsixl When I google Dominion voting machines it is all main stream media spreading propaganda that the claims are baseless and unfounded... oh how heads will explode if something actually is proven in this!

It's like a massive demonic pimple that we cant seem to reach!

@Nkennedy729 Use Duck Duck Go. Google filters likewe are in China or North Korea. This is America!

Whoah!! Dropping bombs here tonight Maria and I’m here for it. Thank you! ❤️🤍💙

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@TammySaponara Loving every bit of info coming out these days 🇺🇸🚂

@ConservativeMomNetwork I can't wait till they all go down!!!! This is a disgrace!!!#

God strike down what evildoers are trying to do

@Raygleason624 Amen! Expose the evil and corruption!

Coming from Maria, it has to be credible

massive voter fraud,actuall vote manipulation by a foriegn entity's, leftist mainstream media helping them, fbi, cia, complicit, this is full on war, Democrats have drawn first blood, so to speak. scariest election of our time.

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Name Hidden · @Private User

Thank God

Praying for fast justice.

Dropping verbal bombs is about it. Drop some proof.

Our analysis in Michigan indicates a computer algorithm was likely used to transfer 69,000 votes. We are willing to subject our results to a critical & transparent review with your representatives. Are you open?

-Dr. Shiva

Voter Fraud ! Joe Biden's Votes Violate Benford's Law Trump vote totals conform rather well to Benford's law, one of the first things you'd check in trying to determine whether there was fraud. Biden's fail mise...
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God help us


Try Ronna McDaniel...that's all I got.
This needs to get to the right people! Thank you!!!

That's just in one county. They said it could possibly have happened in over 30 counties. That could be over 600k votes. That's pretty serious!!!

I'm open. Corruption on any level needs to be reviewed

If FOX does not respond, reach out to Newsmax & OAN. Thay would be happy to see what you have. We all are excited about what you have 👍🏼

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Name Hidden · @Private User

Thank God for people like this!

Like your mathematical analysis of the irregular voting behavior. What I find interesting is that Trump is on fire Election Day and night and then takes a nose dive early the next morning after the voting was stopped and never recovered. Meanwhile- republican votes for other offices in those states at that time remained consistent. Statistically impossible!

Completely open Dr Shiva. America should not tolerate this degree of fraud that could turn us into a third world country. This bold defacement of our constitutional rights to a free and fair election is incompatible with America the Beautiful, America the Brave. Hopefully the perpetrators behind this attempted theft of our election will have their evil blown wide open and exposed.

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Why not take one very Republican precinct in Oakland County and do a hand count and compare with the tally that was turned in from this precinct?

I watched their analysis. It's pretty straightforward, not overly complex at all. The vote swapping line is straight, sloped down giving Biden more votes as the straight Republican voting increases. And it starts at a certain percentage (around 23%) of straight line Republican vote. Where can one get the data, as we'll as data from surrounding districts, for confirmation?

I would love to help. I am a software business owner in Illinois and loyal Republican.

@SteveForTrump You can help rnc is looking for observers, i would reach out to them asap i posted a sign with details on my page

@Juliewrege I heard that Oakland County had to reverse a election call of a drain commissioner from Democrat to Republican because of an error in results

Everyone needs to watch this.

This is great stuff!

@VelosterN Newsmax is the number one conservative news network. And they are growing fast. Try contacting them and the best of luck to you.

We have two Senators asking for a complete audit in Michigan now🇺🇸

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Wow!! People are going to jail...

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We can only hope

We could only hope
Trust the president and pray

Robably not unfortunately others have notbut shouldbe in jail now

Let's hope so

I sure hope so

Let's hope

That would be a welcome change.

People never go to jail!!! So aggravating!!!

Can't go fast enough.

Fingers crossed

I seriously hope so but sadly i will believe it when I see it.

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BB113 · @BB113

And they are all Trump supporters!

Nobody on the left goes to jail. RULES FOR THEE , NOT FOR ME. THEY'RE ALL PROTECTED. 😤🧐

I hope so!

I thought some deep state was but nope when will We The People get Justice?

They better, if we have a DOJ with chutzpah!

I wish people were going to jail for this but, unfortunately I don't think that will happen.

As they should🎯🇺🇸

Doubtful, they never go to jail. Only innocent people from our side like Gen. Flynn go to jail.

I wouldn't hold your breath

Oh goodie!

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Uhhh! What a freaking mess!!!!

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Name Hidden · @Private User

That is worse then a mess!

Stay on this Maria!!

Oh my


I hope you are right!!

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Me to something happened.

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Name Hidden · @Private User

Maria doesn't usually hype! Let's hope

People on the left are starter smh...

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Smarter *

Then why would you want to be communists, then nobody except " the leaders" have anything, doesn't sound smart to me.

@Inspector771 People on the left are smarter, they are more strategic and think fatser. And they are super agressive.

@Lordyillz Good thing we're stronger , tougher and much more heavily armed huh ?

@Rbuff1986 Low IQ take Lmao smh

@Lordyillz No, punk-ass bitch, they're just more arrogant , cocky, and evil. Fucking idiot. Btw, proofread your posts lest you continue to make an ass of yourself.

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Name Hidden · @Private User

@Lordyillz I'm not sure being that aggressive is smart, easy mistakes are made when acting out of emotional aggression. Smart individusls sit quiet and observe the opponents weakness.

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Name Hidden · @Private User

U got that right

He states with a typo, good try now run back to tik tok.

@Lordyillz You just proved how stupid you and the left really are. You can't even type out 2 sentences without fucking it up. Go away, you are a commie like the rest of the demonrats.

@Lordyillz They're not smarter. They use what intelligence they do have for evil. They spend all of their time plotting how to get President Trump out of power, ruin our country, and get rid of God. Satan works overtime. The good-willed person doesn't do this.

Not if they can'tspell smarter.

@Inspector771 Demoncrats!
Criminals always think they are smarter than law enforcement.
Watch closely libs--
they didn't cover all their bases . . .
There is a ton of recorded audio and video evidence that hasn't been "leaked out" yet.
Just because the media "GIANTS" don't investigate or report on the fraud, doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

Wow! If true

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Where's the faith?! We need to believe and pray pray pray!! God bless you and your family! We got this!

So what do we do?

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Sup · @Supp


I would like to know how it gets corrected

Just wait for the commies to load us into cattle cars. What else can we do?

@Niwdoogllib Bend over and take it

@Brandonlancaster Hell no!, Everyone stand and fight! THIS IS OUR COUNTRY!

@Docmason17 I agree, you see my breitbart quote?

@Brandonlancaster That's the way it's lookin... Maybe they can allocate some Covid funding for butt lube.


President Trumps team asking patriots to send him a letter through snail mail, so he can show court, if u are uncomfortable with the voter fraud going on.

We all need to send signed affidavits to the president demanding a audit of the ballots in EVERY state in this country.
Right now no one is in charge Other than We the People. So let’s get to work and make our voices heard by sending our demands in writing.

President Donald J Trump
1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington DC, 20500

Share with all you know!!!

@Williamrotella Put election in hands of supreme Court for them to decide and since election results are a mess the 12th amendment will be used and pretty much each state has one vote and Republican have 30 states Dems have 19

You have better bought lot's of Bullet'

@Jthunter008 I'm screwed there

Nah everybody here is asleep.

What should you do?
Food, water, weapons, shelter
Prepare to lose internet, electricity/TV this weekend.

Spend all the time you can looking into CCP, Hong Kong Protests, US arming Taiwan, North Korea/China allies....

Most important to look into #NewFederalStateOfChina the peoples movement to overthrow CCP and return democracy to China.
Cosigned by the US June 3rd, 2020. Steve Bannon, Miles Guo they run GTV. They have Hunters laptop, they have all the plans. Trump has solid allies. We will make our move on China, as soon as they make their move to take Trump out of office.

India and ASEAN (every country in Asia except Russia, NK and China) are our allies against China. Australia, Germany, the African Unity Organization, the only ones backing CCP are Globalists pushing NWO.

Pray to God and protect yourself, and if we are lucky, WW3 will be won on the first day, no shots fired. CCP could send Nukes or a much deadlier virus than COVID.


@SeeingThingsTheRightWay I agree with this man!!
It's coming People. .
Bet your a**!!!

We hold the line. We fight for our God, for our country. In every state all across our beautiful United States of America. We never give up.

@Brandonlancaster Full body of armor my friend. That's the best weapon to have. Remember when things get rough praise God in the storms.

We pray!

@Brandonlancaster Do, or do not. There is no try.

Does Barr know?

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Who’s Barr
Does he seem to be sitting on his hands

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Name Hidden · @Private User

Barr best get his ass in gear. He moves too slow and I've YET to see and REAL RESULTS...ON ANYTHING

Does Barr care?

Stop whining about BARR. HE IS ON IT. Enjoy the show.

Does it matter? Barr hadn't done shit since he got the job.

Good question

I believe he's busy playing his bagpipes.

If we know, Barr knows. This could be a huge undertaking - if Barr is taking his time to do it right, I'm all for that.

I think Joe and Barr in Bunker togather

@TimClarkSr I sincerely hope so

God love your Innocence

Who knows I don't think he knows anything

🤣🤣🤣 Was there a note in his box of donuts if not he doesn't know

From what I've read, the AG can't get involved until 10 days after the election. I'm sure he's not being silent on purpose.

Of course... let's see what he does with it

@elwooddiggler Yup he's done nothing besides find THOUSANDS OF MISSING KIDS & BUSTING PEDO RINGS IN THE US

10 days after election. Tomorrow. Fry-day!

Does Barr care? He is useless

Barr has been pretty useless thus far.



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Jo · @Wuzzletoe

The fat lady is about to sing.

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Ugh! I was hoping we wouldn’t have to deal with hearing from Stacy Abrams anymore!

I hope she sing loud and clear!

You mean Whoopi?

About time

I don’t doubt it! Cubans here know that the Cuban government is everywhere in Latin America

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I didn't know they had any money 🤑

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Name Hidden · @Private User

And here too, hermana!

I believe you..... añd also believe that it's so corrupt for a very long time.... But it is getting way worse...

I dont doubt anything from Cuba, they dont have money for their people but they probably have minds for evil actions.