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Gallup: Americans historically reluctant regarding new vaccines

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Especially vaccines that were developed in 57 hours.

Either they slopped this thing together or they've known of this virus for a loooooooong time and have been working on this for a few years.

Either way not good.

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Name Hidden · @Private User

I have never taken a flu shot ever, and I don’t plan on taking this vaccine either. I still do not know of 1 person, that has had Covid in my “hot spot” in Florida.

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Neither have I and don't plan to

Neither have I and don't plan to.

Same here!

You should be reluctant.

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Sounds really awful.

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Not me, stick it in!

Everyone should watch the clip by Dr Carrie Medej

Not me!!! I’ll take the vaccine as soon as it is finished to shut down the left’s attempt to undermine our democracy!!!

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I hope you are using satire, otherwise your comment makes no sense at all.

On an E-mail survey from POTUS it had a question about approving of a Vaccine. I answered all questions the highest rating but left that one blank

Lady this is a chemical nanotech marker not a vaccine made by bill gates with a hybridized cellphones system one private one you use everyday it's called Hitachi smart dust but I digress you are also correct....

I’m not taking the damn vaccine. It’s unsafe. God only knows what they have put in it.

There's no reason for a covid vaccine. It is all but dead. HCQ is the cure, anyway. They need to stop pushing this nonsense on us.

Anyone who would take a vaccine based upon the data and rationale that has been presented..... Nothing accurate... Is a complete moron.

Now. Lets look at infant vaccines from 1989 to 2006 under fauci.

Lets look at the " new" skyrocketing infertility rates of young men and women who rcvd gardisil.

Those are real and empirical numbers.

Yet. Im an " antivaxxer"!!!

No. Im a sane rational person who would NEVER trust the govt or pharma after the Tuskegee " murders"

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Name Hidden · @Private User

All the big pharma executives can line up, bend over, drop their pants and take it. Then give it to their families, friend, lovers, neighbors...

I wouldn’t take the vaccine even if they had a gun to my head, fact.

Reluctant?!! If they knew what was in them they would run!


It's simply prudent to be reluctant upon consideration of anything being put into our bodies. Heck, we do it with food and water, we read warnings and research drugs before we ingest them, we even have weather warnings for air quality. So yes, being skepticall about a vaccine is certainly prudent.

Nope and nope. I don’t care what Governor Blackface says here in Virginia.

My concern lies with all the racing to get it completed before November 3rd. What in the heck does politics have to do with it? And that is the reason it cannot be trusted.

It’s a NO for me and my family.

Look into Gates track record for Vaccines in Africa...

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And India...