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Bit of an own goal by Our AC Grayling here.

He is freely admitting that 'every single vote' of these 32,000 criminals in Florida is going to be cast for the Democrats. Doesn't that speak volumes about the current state of that party?

And 'Criminals For Biden' may not be quite the election-winning slogan that he and Mike Bloomberg appear to think it is.

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As far as I'm concerned the only philosopher worth listening to is George Carlin. Grayling is just a pompous, whining leftie.

(The fact Mini Mike is paying for 32,000 criminals to vote would suggest the election is not the slam dunk the Democrats were hoping it would be).

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A friend of mine knows Grayling slightly. Tells me that, until a few years ago, he was actually quite a reasonable, thoughtful guy. Then Brexit and Trump happened, and he basically went mad.

@SupportOurLefty That makes sense; prior to 2016 I had heard of him, but knew very little about him. Pity he's gone loopy just because a couple of elections didn't go the way he wanted

"Chapter 104 Florida statutes says it is a felony for someone to either directly or indirectly offer something of value to impact whether or not someone votes".

Matt Gaetz.

Mini Mike has committed a felony.

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Very interesting, that ... hope you're publicising that fact on Twitter (am sure you are, or will).

@SupportOurLefty I will RT Matt's Tweet and interview on Fox Business. Also POTUS has tweeted that Mini has committed a crime by doing this.
I will also send you Matt's Tweet.

How is that not flat-out bribery?

Bought and paid for!