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This is the video that I posted earlier on twitter and they removed. Then the video streaming service removed it. But I have the raw footage so here it is.

This originally ran on Nov 3 on @RealAmericasVoice.

This explains why they let Joe sit in his basement.

You won’t see this anywhere else.

Share. And watch the only network telling the whole truth- @RealAmericasVoice.

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#China WON!

Checked my IG account. I “friended” ALL Bernie & Biden folks since 2015!
I estimate 8/10 have “0” posts AFTER NOV 3rd!
I wrote often: Big % are PHONY & likly propagandists, China, Iran etc. Most have DNC links to DONATE & REGISTER. FBI & DOJ did zero!

CA model was used by DNC w/ Big Tech to register FORIEGNERS & PHONY people! How? 90% States have ZERO ability to check DL, SS & addresses.

We have counties & some states with more votes than registered voters and in some cases residents!

20% plus more votes than modern elections! Was Biden really popular to draw so many votes?
Early voting 2/1 Biden? Statistically improbable! GOP are older! So GOP were 2x less scared of CV-19? BS
States Trump wins (even bordering states Biden wins) are nearly double win % states Biden wins! ??
EVERY state with stricter voter ID Trump wins & has less votes per capita than states he loses?

Voting system is comprimised and will remain that way unless voter ID is implemented.

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Name Hidden · @Private User

I wished there was a shared button on comments


Here is how you fix the problem:
1. National voter ID
2. Include picture of holder and fingerprint.
3. Only way to get ID is with proof of citizenship just like a passport.
4. Only voter ID offices can issue. No DMV.
5. Voter ID is free of charge.
6. Voter ID office's only mission, to issue voter IDs and clean rolls on weekly basis.

@Josevaz No one should be alright with the fingerprint idea but everything else sounds great! 👌🏻🇺🇲

@Boneslop 🤔 maybe a barcode?

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Name Hidden · @Private User

#voterID #requiredinMississippi

This is huge

Dominion Voting software (hammer and score card)allows vote fraud and is used in many US states.(Clinton and Feinstein associated with sftware)
Cyber-Security expert explains how fraud happens.

Why wasn't this brought out earlier?
Is there a way to counteract Hammer?


@Josevaz Blockchain

@Josevaz Excellent, but "some organizations" might know, ACLU, etc.

@bibiandbob We need to stop playing nice and worrying about hurting somebody's feelings. Our future is on the balance.

The software (Democracy Suite by Dominion) used in Michigan that flipped 6000 votes from Trump to Biden in a single county, and thousands more across 46 other Michigan counties, was used in 30 states. Those states include Arizona, Pennsylvania, Michigan (obviously), Wisconsin, Georgia, Nevada. 24 of those 30 states Trump lost. Every state Trump was leading and miraculously lost the lead by morning used that software.

Every voting machine error in 2016 favored Hillary. Every voter machine error this year favored Biden. Coincidence?

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John · @Jcuzino

We have the ability to match every ballot with every registered voter. Anyone that falls out will then be held and examined. Any duplicates will have to ve verified which one counts.

@Josevaz I love number 6. Normally, I would object to another govt agency, but this could be an FEC office, run through each state with this directive, Voter IDs and voter rolls.

@Jcuzino Love this!

Exactly. But for now...heads need to roll.

@Josevaz In addition tou your list to keep voting honest,We should receive a receipt with our vote with an id number that we can look up on a database and verify that our vote was reported correctly. Does not have to include our name. For our piece of mind.

@SmmullinsMullins That's an excellent idea!

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Twitter sucks and needs to be accountable

Why did the admin not request proof of good health from Biden before the election? He should not have been allowed to run with his near death health condition.

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They're probably going to kill him anyway

He isdead that is a clone

Well, he'll likely be dead within a month of the inauguration if he wins. That's why he's perfect for the plot. The Social Democrats run the party and Kamala will pick Ilhan Omar or some other squad member to be her VP.

He should be in prison

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Pj · @beagles

They don t care cuz Kamala charge. Biden is a fake candidate. They used him to get in so they could grab power

That isn't the point. They want to rub our faces in it. They shoved a senile, demented corruptocrat and a useless whore up our collective asses, and they think that we're helpless to stop it. That's their message to the patriots of this country. This is their payback for electing Donald Trump in 2016, but they will be exposed. We won't bend over and take it. A reckoning is coming.

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Lui60 · @Lui60

That's exactly why he was chosen.
A corrupt puppeteerin that will do whatever he is told to.
And in case they need to "replace" him, he would be easly "discharged".
Yes, it sounds sick and they are!

I would have settled for just one question answered that wasn'tprepared for him

@Geotrav3lr I agree!! Fk the socialist democrats, Go the Rino Republicans, Fk them all... This will be the reset button and Patriots will rise up and defend God, our Nation, Liberty, Constitution, Freedoms, and fellow Patriots!! It's time to stop talking and start doing! Because I haven't seen one single Republican doing a DAMN thing to help our President! FK them ALL


I'll tell you why because he ain't nothing more than a pond evil woman in the world to take president place and then the devil will have completed pretty much everything in the Bible to desecrate the word of God what do I mean by that Jesus says woman does not have power over the man the man over the woman just show you you are at the ending times he's coming ladies and gentlemen

They don't care. He will either die from something or be assassinated by the Dem's. Just like they did to JFK.

He'll be given the kamala cocktail

Because he has a nice face and there was no one else to pick from. He wasthere last choice

Because The Hoe will be taking over within a year..Pelosi, Soro planned it out..Joe will be put out and socialist Soro will Squeeze his BOY INTO some position to Drain America..

WH did and he refused

@Onealsaundra58 That's what I think - a quickie covicide.

@whitelifesmatter Badly breaking down clone confessing and shit

@Geotrav3lr They want to start a civil war. I say that we decidedly DON'T shoot at each other and March on Washington and drag each one of them out and do it to them😡😡😡

@SweeetCaroline Hallelujah. I'm so ready

@Grandkids81494184101 He's a pedophile with a nice face😒 Still want to kick his old ass hard💥💥💥

That is what exactly happened in Michigan as they stated the word “glitch” in the system and it counted votes of Trump and switched it to Biden....ScoreCard Hammer

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I have no doubt whatsoever.

Time is now for forensic audit of the system


Remind anyone of the movie Man of the Year?

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Dfwme · @Dfwme

@TeamTrump aware?👆

Glitch my ass!! The glitch was getting caught!!

#glitchplease 😝

Yeah, it was a Democrat glitch.


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Don't worry Trump knows about this and let them do it. This is a sting operation the dems walked right into the trap.

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Name Hidden · @Private User

@RoughNeck79 I hope you're right

And DO something!!!

I haven't seen much from Cruz.

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Sam · @Samb1873

@LarryforFreedom I have.. He's been busy.

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KOB · @Bce111

Steve Bannon can park his boat in front of my house in CT anytime if this saves America.

Tell this to trump report this

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Steve must have, at least Sydney probably did!

There's absolutely no doubt Trump knows about this. He let them do it so he could catch them in the act. Breath easy this was the plan. Democrats are desperate and stupid.

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Name Hidden · @Private User

I'm guessing he probably knows already. He'd said previously this was going to be a fraudulent election.

The general knew that Bannnon and Ppwel knew, I can't see them being reactionary as well regarded "strategists".
Makes you wonder why they left / were kicked out of the campaign.

@RoughNeck79 They are stupid. Just like their followers. Everything the dems have attempted on trump since 2016 HAS FAILED HORRIBLY. 🤣🤣🤣 I can't wait for more liberal meltdowns

@Johnny702Vegas The DemonRats have under estimated President Trump since day 1. He is always 10 steps ahead of them!

Holy shit. Gen McInerny is a known quality person. Share this video. This is major stuff.

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Agree. I have sent it to my entire contact lis. We must become the Minute Man for the generation Ronald Reagan spoke of.


I've personally worked with the general during my command and control days at Northrop Grumman. He is a rock solid patriot. GOD save our "Republic ma'am if we can keep it". LtCol (reg-ret)

I am new to parler and justsaw a clip from America's Voice. Is that the video you are talking about? I can't find it again, and how do I share it?

Yes, how do we forward?

@SamRitz Just figured out how to share Sam.

Website Image
@DocG - DocG - This is the video that I posted earlier on... This is the video that I posted earlier on twitter and they removed. Then the video streaming service removed it. But I have the raw footage so here it is. This originally ran on Nov 3 on...

@Kpmitch Me too!

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Name Hidden · @Private User

It's amazingwhat lengths the Democrats will go to

Steve Bannon's War Room Pandemic live now on Americas Voice.

This sounds like a movie I saw. Something to do with software for voting. I think Jeff Goldbloom played in 🤔.

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Score card! Was probably used in 2016, and it's being perfected by the Demoncrats! Stealing the election!

@Pmk92253 He said they tried to use it in 2016 but something went wrong.

@Bacon2x Yeah us America loving, trump supporters turned out IN MASS! THESE DEMS SHOULD BE HANGED!!!

Comment Author Profile Pic
Name Hidden · @Private User

We were just discussing that.

Be about right they used another book to come up with the Russian collusion thing for impeachment

@Bacon2x Divine intervention

@Bacon2x Divine intervention

Very interesting this needs to get out! Obama, Biden need to be put in prison!

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They need hung

They are both puppets. The real pepetrators are much more insidious.


I'm sickened to think this is where we are, yet, here we are

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Name Hidden · @Private User Grandpa fought to preserve the Republic after Oearl Harbor. He did nor fifht to save what we have become. I am heartsick.

@Name Hidden It will be ok

Dominion Voting software (hammer and score card)allows vote fraud and is used in many US states.(Clinton and Feinstein associated with sftware)
Cyber-Security expert explains how fraud happens.

Comment Author Profile Pic
Name Hidden · @Private User

@FarmGirlz Yeah....hope you're right. God Help Us.

It's a must watch!!

Don’t let this video get away. Share share share. Lou Dobbs just had Sidney Powell on this breaking “scorecard” software story on the Fox business channel. This could be why we’ve seen massive votes for Biden late in the count. Oh my get the DOJ involved now.

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Name Hidden · @Private User

The DOJ is corrupt

It doesn't seem like the DOJ is interested in protecting our Constitution.

I dont trust the DOJ

@Name Hidden No, just busy getting the indictments ready.

Comment Author Profile Pic
Name Hidden · @Private User

Isn't it strange that we haven't heard or seen anything from Barr?

The DOJ are 90% Swamp including the man at the top so don't be putting anythingtheir way. When Trump said he had no idea howbad it was he was actually not joking. Washington DC has to be dismantled.

@Name Hidden He'son vacation for the week I've been hearing. Go figure

You don't think Trump doesn't already know ? I knew about the hammer 2 years ago..

@Name Hidden Yeah everyone's been slamming him, I always said he is probably waiting to being the hammer down when he is ready.
He also said that that there were bigger fish to fry when trump was getting angry about the lack of action from obamagate.

It’s November 6, 2020, 3 days after the election. The news hasn’t reported on the coronavirus for over 62 hours. 🤔 so much for the “pandemic”

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They have mutated minks in Demark. It is coming.

Just like in NZ. Covid this covid that. Oh shit there's an election coming up....coronavirus gets pushed down the pecking order on the news.

Excellent point 👍👍 You're right, haven't heard a peep.

Covid came from the same military biolab in Wuhan that Obama gave a grant of cash to in 2015. The amount the lab got is disputed, but it's not disputed that Obama granted them money.

It seems clear that Covid will have had an impact on many elections in the world, not least in the USA. This impact will be in terms of political choices, shaping the political narrative & in changing the usual in-person voting practice.

It seems likely that Covid was some kind of vehicle to utilise fear to enable a President Hillary & Marxist-Globalists around the world to usher in a CCP-style hybrid Communist system for every nation on Earth that could be compromised.

This would eventually lead to greater integration of nations into global governing bodies & ultimately to a global Communist government run by a single authority without political accountability to the people.

What's happening now seems like an attempt by the American left & their globalist allies to salvage & implement their plan.

@Ktscholl22 As each day increases and we move further away from the election the less you will hear too. My prediction is by feb 2021 it will be nothing but a memory. Except for those who seek justice for it being used as a political tool.

@Scoobymarley27 Exactly! All a political ploy to scare the shit out of the normies. Scare trek into wanting change. Well, it didn’t work.

Comment Author Profile Pic
Yvone · @Yvone

Oregon on west side of Cascades.... governor is telling people not to socialize for two weeks. Yet hundreds can go to Walmart, you just can'tvisit family and friends.

@Yvone It’s all about breaking the morale of the American people. What they didn’t count on is people like us that can’t be broken. We just get angry and start to plan. 😈

@Deplorable2609 I’ve been banned from FB so I can’t troll his page. Not for another 5 days. Lol! Can’t wait to get back there and get banned again... lol! But, it’s much as I anticipated, no more coronavirus, no more BLM, no more ANTIFA... it’s like they have magically disappeared...

@Jboarderex We'll see. I hope truth prevails and Patriots stand up. It could be we'll be a nation gone under if this is not turned around.

@Ktscholl22 Not a chance. Civil war will ensue before we allow communists like joe abc kamel toe to run this nation.

@Jboarderex I think you're correct. I've been hearing many Prophetic voices declaring the same thing. If we do not stand against this corruption, America is over.

@Ktscholl22 We are standing up against it. We are silent no more.

My sister was at a store today where they removed the "social distance" stickers from the floor. An employee told her they were told to keep them there till the election. Plandemic...

Someone get this to Tucker Carlson for tonight.

Remember Hillary Clinton’s words “they stole the election from me”.
OK folks, here Is the conspiracy theory…Clinton and her deep state corrupt criminals are behind this underground attempt to steal the election back. And they’re using “scorecard” software. Think about that.

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Comment Author Profile Pic
Lisa · @Litobo

That's right! It was also used on Bernie Sanders as a little test run to steal the votes from him and give to Biden. And as we know, it worked.

Comment Author Profile Pic
Lisa · @Litobo

Yep! And there was a little test run used against Bernie Sanders where the votes went to Biden. And as we all know... it worked.

She stated publicly that #BidenCrimeFamily
Should not concede no matter what...

Think higher... these politicians are just puppets

This is unbelievable

They probably tried it in 2016 and messed up. They got closer this time but Trump caught them.

That witch her days are over soon!!

Interesting as well as when the general said the hammer was stopped in 2016 and he couldnt talk about it

Yeah Hillary probably stole the election from herself they probably just put the software in backwards is what happened cuz she's a deep bigger than anybody else

@FarmGirlz They did try it in 2016 as this video says. It was stopped.


Remember them calling Barr
“The Hammer” when her first became AG

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That should read HE not HER

Different kind of hammer.

@Comnview10 I don’t know Barr is MIA

@4651lainey Many things are going on and I do believe that he has his hands full. This would include Durham.

@Comnview10 I pray you are right