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BREAKING: Portland Antifa and BLM Launch Explosives at Federal Building While Barricading Agents Inside

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Where is the National Guard ?

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Unfortunately batons and plastic shields dont deflect explosives. Who thought the 'protestors' would end up terrorists?

Let’s get more vans out there✅

Now it’s time to get serious bring in the military

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I agree. This is war

Here comes the pain... Trust bet and believe this shit is gonna get messy.

I hope now the POS Mayor will allow and welcome federal help to get things under control!

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He won't and neither will governor Kate Brown. There's an agenda and the actions of violent agitators are part of Kate's repressive /progressive plan.

I just watched a video of the mayor ordering the federal agents to keep off the streets. The governor also claimed she had the rioters "almost under control" before the "Trump troups stirred things up". I live here. They are both tyrants and liars.

Remove the city government, and arrest their leaders for treason.

Screw the piece of 💩 Mayor, and take down these people, enough is enough already!

@Bregnier Your right, I live 20 mi south of the infected CHOP area in Seattle, and I could see the media and local government officials lying each and every day, it's beyond the pale. Cancel Gov Inslee, and all these other do nothing radical mayors and governors

Lock em up!

Portlanders are profoundly happy with Mayor Ted Wheeler. Thanks to his patience, wisdom, and great leadership, demonstrations have been so incredibly peaceful. In fact, ANTIFA/BLM have been passing out lollipops, pot, crystal meth, and French ticklers to locals who came to join the singing, laughing, and other peaceful festivities. Thanks, Mayor Ted, for a job well done! Andrew Cuomo and Lori Lightfoot admire your brilliance, and aspire to be as great as you!

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Yes, many of us Portlandians are very excited that our faithless city and state leaders finally get to engage with our new D.C. friends currently residing in the downtown federal buildings. Word on my street is their uniforms are smart and their accessories are well appointed; however, their soccer-mom vans are rather bland. Although their choice of vehicle fails to make a statement, they do get points for the extra seating and legroom , which nicely accommodates ride-sharing opportunities for select locals.

@Bregnier 😂😂😂

It's time to put that city under Martial law and drop the f'n hammer. Not kidding at all. This is straight up terrorism and attempt to overthrow the government. STOP IT NOW DAMMIT.

Remember all those military dry run operations in various cities last year? Practice time is over. Time to go in with blue dye water cannons. Arrest all you can, and then go around picking up all the soy boy smurfettes and charge them all with domestic terrorism.

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Where is the militia?

Why are they not bringing in water cannons . and just wash this vermin away????????Its amazing what just 1000 GPM will do!!!!!!!!!

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Name Hidden · @Private User

What people do not understand about the Mayor of Portland. Even IF (and that’s a big if) he were not sympathetic, he lives in a city of freaks. You name it, Portland has got it! The entire city is, for the most part, violent communists and commie sympathizers. The feds will be in Portland for a time. The mayor has to live there forever. When the feds are gone, he’s left holding the bag with no protection. He will be hunted down by them if he does not bow to them. It’s not just political retribution, it’s a matter of life and death. So do you think he or any other mayor or city official is going to speak against them? Absolutely not. They know they’d be headed for an early grave. Most of them agree with the terrorists too, but think about it. Antifa will continue to get their way so long as they are allowed to terrorize. And it will only escalate across the country from here. The precedent has been set.

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I don't know what the fed's plan is but it looks like civil war to me.

This is war, get it now

The youth are immersed in pornography, drug use, alcohol consumption, tobacco, who have no notion of the ​​reality. And now with the Chinese virus, there is a void in their lives, so they join the terrorist organizations BLM and Antifa.

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They should have been drafted into the military and sent to fight the Chinese

Why weren’t they locked up

Imagine if this was Trump supporters
Military would be shooting everyone in sight


Arrest them and their leaders.

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NeXT · @next

This is literally a war

Oh my. Arrest them. We are at War everyone. It’s got to get better. This is very heartbreaking that our country has turned onto this. Nothing but scumbags at their best, put them to rest.