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John Matze 🇺🇸 · @John ·

To the people complaining on Twitter about being banned on Parler. Please pay heed:
Here are the very few basic rules we need you to follow on Parler. If these are not to your liking, we apologize, but we will enforce:
- When you disagree with someone, posting pictures of your fecal matter in the comment section WILL NOT BE TOLERATED
-Your Username cannot be obscene like “CumDumpster”
-No pornography. Doesn’t matter who, what, where, when, or in what realm.
- We will not allow you to spam other people trying to speak, with unrelated comments like “Fuck you” in every comment. It’s stupid. It’s pointless, Grow up.
-You cannot threaten to kill anyone in the comment section. Sorry, never ever going to be okay.

If ever in doubt, ask yourself if you would say it on the streets of New York or national television.

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Got it Thanks!

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@Name Hidden You're absolutely right.
These idiots nowadays are doing exactly what they watched on "The Purge".

Thank you ! I have had to report two profiles here- one making sexual comments about my kids- and one using disgusting sexual terminology towards me.....

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How horrible! Me and my wife Homeschool our kids as well. Raising them conservative and God loving. Used to work at a school before Covid. Kids are an awesome blessing, nobody should ever talk about them like that.


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Name Hidden · @Private User

O my goodness

Yikes! That's unacceptable! 😔

There are going to be disgusting Leftist trolls. They can be stopped, but probably not prevented.

Report and block them!

Gross!! Somepeopleare animals.

The sexual stuff and pornography seems to be growing on here. I'm pretty certain many of them are fake acvounts just being used to screw with the very peaceful minds on here. I mean... why the hell else is a guy looking to be a sugar daddy gonna start following me?

I need to report 2 disgusting females that use nasty language towards me i just dont know how please help..

Yup that is not for us as well thank you for reporting them.

Gross. Neither case is ok, but especially toward your children. 😡😡😡 I'm sorry you had to endure that. Hopefully moving forward, it doesn't happen again and people can act like adults.

@MrKite I reported and blocked the lie accounts. And screen shot their comments and shared to my page to warn others.

@MKrump Yeah had some guy asking if I was into pedophilia because of the Spartan reference in my pic. Definitely paid to come here and harass people.

@Violethenderson Click on the little arrow on the top right hand corner of their profile, it will give you the options to block and Report .

@LauraG1 Glad to hear you did. There is no place for that kind of vitriol. Enjoy the rest of your evening. 😊😊😊

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Dena · @DeNap

Very sorry that happened. Some people's minds are just too far gone to comprehend.🤷🏼 You did good mamma!

That's terrible. Wtf is wrong with people?!

That is wrong, you can tell them people don't have morals I hope you block them

Keep doing it. It's sickening.

Thank you for keeping this nice for us

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You have the opportunity to block yourself

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Name Hidden · @Private User

Nice lol freedom of spech isn'tallways nice,,NOW SHUT YA PIE HOLE YA FUCKING CUNT😇

@Name Hidden If that's the best way you can use your freedom of speech then you really don't know anything about freedom of speech.

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Name Hidden · @Private User

@stevegriffin1 Oh because its not how you would use it, thats means I'm not useing it Hmm , Matron, 🥳 cookbook

@Name Hidden No, it's not because it's not how I would use it. It's because instead of using it for the betterment of mankind you're using it to pointlessly offend. It's got nothing to do with me; I could disappear entirely and you would still, pathetically, be a loser.

You were great on the Chris Salcedo!!!
I wanted to Thank You for bringing Parler to the people!! TY TY TY!!! I love it!!

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I second that!!!!

I saw it too, he did very well. Parler will go far.

Whoever downvotes Parler, probably should not be a member. This was a complement to the owner not anything controversial

Amen! Well Done! 🎯👍👏🙏

Yes. That's why I joined. Thank you.

Love chris but I missed that show.

The right way to go brother, all they want to do is frustrate rational debate! Keep up the good work, guys! 🙏🏻

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deadEd · @eduoku

Not at all. It's about free speech. And parker doesnt offer that.

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Jen · @Jenwahall

There is no debate, the left just scream crazily. Where as everyone else talks facts and shares truths

Spot on brother! Hold the Line! 🇺🇸

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Dan · @DatguyDan


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Dan · @DatguyDan

Love it thank you. lol


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Name Hidden · @Private User

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JB · @NCBuck

I wanna upvote but don't wanna mess up the 45 lol

I have had to block 5 TwitterLibs so far.

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Name Hidden · @Private User

Wow , didn’t know they were on here , I got to learn this sight fast

I like to debate and welcome the difference of opinion but most aren't interested in having an intelligent discussion.

@FreeMarket I ran into a libtarded troll a couple of days ago, kept posting pictures of his tiny inadequate junk. 🤦 Poor little guy made me sad ☹️

Keep up the good work.

@JeffSprecher Apparently he heard the camera adds a few pounds & thought it would look more didn't LMFAO 🤣


How do you block them? I'm new to Parler.

@Svanlan96 Click on their pic. Go to their profile. Top right corner is pull down options.

@Svanlan96 🇺🇸 Click on their photo icon. Go to upper right corner of their wall and click the arrow down. It will bring up a menu that includes "'delete'.

@MacAodha *"Block"

You too 😁

I've blocked a few myself

@muellersuksadikovsky That's what I love about conservative women, the are smart and can defend themselves when needed!

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Name Hidden · @Private User

About the same for me.

Way to go...I'm only up to 4 but expect more over the weekend when their mommies allow them out of the basement.👍

I've blocked two. In my case they were posing as Patriots.

Just checked, blocked 62 so far.

@muellersuksadikovsky Isn't that a crime though?

Unfortunately it was bound to happen sooner or later.

sounds reasonable

If it’s the streets of San Fran you can put a pile shit anywhere, and threaten to kill people. Glad you picked NY

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Unfortunately NYC is headed that way fast under Deblasio

@ConservativeResistance In NY we have standards, there low but we have them. We still do in upstate ny at least.

@Andreab Agreed I lived in Watertown while in the Army and stationed at
Ft Drum that's why I said NYC and mayor Deblasio

Is it different there? least since it was violated...

Hell in cali you can put piles of dung in the congress and senate.

@Andreab Hahahaha.🤣🤣🤣 I live upstate south of Albany. This state sucks. Some standards I guess. That was funny though.

@nixstr Hahahahaha.🤣😂😂

@Oakley757 I’ve only ever been upstate. Got to experience something called a garbage plate. Changed my life.

@NotDanBongino Never heard of it. If you go out west like Syracuse and buffalo it's a whole different world from where Iam. I am more of a city suburb I guess.

@Oakley757 I live in Cooperstown and the entire town is deemed Historical so nothing really changes here which is nice. It keeps the place pretty but like so many others I am ready to leave because of the liberals and their policies.

@Andreab Your not far from me. I'm by Hunter mountain. Yeah you got lucky with the historical thing. My county, fortunately is one of the few Republican ones left and the majority is narrowing. Especially now that all the citiots are leaving the city and buying all the vacant property they can at above market value, so none of us can compete. Sucks. And they bring their liberal bullshit with them of course. I'm getting told in my own town by some city slicker to put a mask on. I dont thinkk so.

@Oakley757 Yes you are close to me I was just in that area could not believe how much it has developed over the past 15 years. Wow. And them same thing in ctown people from downstate buying summer homes and driving up prices. That's ok with me they can have it all when I leave. Are your bars & restaurants open?

@NotDanBongino I know exactly what you are talking about. The dish has its roots in Utica and it was called gymbrout. Not sure why that name but its made with Utica greens fried potatoes scrambled eggs and lots of cheese. Or like the name implies anything else you find in the fridge. Best food when you are done drinking or hungover. Ever come up again you must try the Chicken Riggies. Just like the garbage plate you can add or delete items to make them to your taste


@Andreab Not really bars. Mostly outside seating. Some inside but only like 33 percent capacity
Yeah they can drive up your property value. Just sell at the right rime.

@Oakley757 33 percent... Does anyone pay attention to symbolism anymore.. 33rd degree.. enslaved by the skull n bones

@SteveBushemy Of course. That's why they keep saying 33 percent. It's one of their favorite numbers.

Hoping that as this becomes more popular, your rules don’t change... Seen it before

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Yeah, this post doesn't inspire me with confidence that they won't just become another Twitter.

@TheCrispyBarrett In my opinion it all comes down to the people behind the platform and their purpose for the app. Censorship is in a way a grab for power, to control the narrative. I’m sure Zuckerberg didn’t imagine this aspect at first but slowly developed the idea that has now become censorship central

@TheCrispyBarrett Such concern troll

@Pipelineinternational It is an unfortunate aspect of human nature that when we have control of a space, our first desire is to keep it that way through whatever means are available to us. In the case of platforms based on speech, that control is exerted through censorship.

@TheCrispyBarrett Insightful! I appreciate that. One day their will be a truly free platform with morally strong developers. Not confident myself yet that this is the one

@BaryonicConstant That red P means you are staff of some kind, right? Hard to tell. If so, it also doesn't inspire confidence that staff see a genuine argument, and assume I must be trolling. I. Like. Free. Speech. This concerns me. If you are staff, perhaps you shouldn't be put off that someone on your platform is passionate about free speech, especially considering your bio description.

As an aside, I really do like your bio description. Gave me a chuckle, so in something completely unrelated to what I just wrote above, I appreciate your bio. 😂

@TheCrispyBarrett I share your same concerns. Personally I am a free speech absolutist. But I also understand the near impossibility of completely policing a site like this for things like pornography that is illegal.

One of the attack vectors that would be pretty obvious for anyone on the outside would be to publish borderline illegal material and then do a media story about it to claim that this site houses illegal pornography.

I think that's why they have hard rules against the use of pornography. The media is already saying that the site is full of nazis. So if they put in some hen tai or something questionable or illegal it will be in attack vector against it.

The icon indicates a verified user. I would not Advise going through the verification unless you are convinced it is not the honeypot and you plan on saying things that might have ramifications in the real world. They don't keep the data. But I still don't like kyc things anywhere.

@BaryonicConstant Well, I'm glad it's not staff but rather just verification, thank God. I also said I'm against illegal stuff, but if they only censor based on section 230 which covers that and porn, then it's fine. I only was against that which oversteps the bounds into morality policing beyond porn (as I understand sites not wanting to become pure smut, since that's already 90% of the internet). Personally, I don't even like that much censorship when it comes to porn because of more morality policing, but I respect the legal boundaries there. It's a bit easier for me to take though since I don't personally see the appeal of porn for myself.

That being said, as long as they act as a platform, Parler isn't legally liable for crimes committed on their site, so they don't have to worry about the bureaucratic nightmare that is policing speech as long as they do what they can.

True! It's a very real possibility😔

@TheCrispyBarrett I just wish that OP himself wasn't staff posting stuff like this.

@TheCrispyBarrett Me either. I get what he's saying and I'll try and respect the rules but I dont want some butthurt jerk shutting down my free speech cause it doesn't jive with their rhetoric

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D4nny · @D4nny

It'll happen eventually. As the revenue increases from more users more staff are employed... So reliance on that revenue increases.

Once an advertiser threatens to pull their ads and it impacts upon the bottom line.... Rules will change.

It's one of the downsides of capitalism, yet it's still worlds better than fucking Marxism.

@TheCrispyBarrett I, for one, was getting totally sick of the dick pics. You might want to scroll through that garbage every day, but a lot of us, who are FREE SPEECH defenders, will leave the platform if it's allowed to become a snowflake porn site.

Exactly B.
This could be the beginnings

My worry too, that Parler may succumb to the 'cancel culture'.

@TheCrispyBarrett The red P means you have been Perler verified as a real person.

Rules change all the time and people can't really read all that all the time :/ it is this nutcase diabolical world.
Hard to know who anyone is working for and there agenda behind the front facade.

@Jessieshannon Someone has clarified this to me, but thank you. It was confusing because people I knew were verified when I followed them also had yellow P's. This means my criticism of staff only extends to the owner for his statements.

@deplorable1974 Yeah, for the most part the rules even seem fine, it's just a case of free speech advocacy being disingenuous. I never even planned on doing anything he says he's against, I'm just worried the more nebulous phrasing will eventually be used the same way Twitter and Facebook does.

Thank you!

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Thank you for providing this platform for us. I find it highly ironic that Twitter lives in Twitter Bots are showing up to sabotage what basically amounts to free speech and a forum of opinions... with that being said you have a lot more patience than I because at the first whiff of obscenity crassness rudeness Menace ignorance, I block. I don't care if someone has a different opinion it's being nasty and rude that I take exception to. And what I find extremely ironic is that this platform welcomes all voices and opinions, yet the left seems intent upon squelching voices not only on Twitter but destroying the opportunity to speak here. Again thank you for establishing Common Sense respectful parameters. Still learning to navigate, but enjoying the platform very much 👍😄

You tell them John.

Unfortunately some of these people would easily say the most disrespectful and vile words on TV in New York City.

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And that's the excuse they use to censor the POTUS. Congratulations, you proved horseshoe theory.

Don't forget about NJ...

@TheCrispyBarrett I don't recall Trump ever posting fecal matter

@BaryonicConstant AND THEEERE IT IS. I have said multiple times in this comments section I am perfectly fine with the rules preventing calls to violence, porn, and scat, because it is covered under section 230, but it's a you think I'm on about anyways. It's like the left when I say we can't just indefinitely maintain lockdown, I'm out of money and food, and they go "psssh, you don't NEED a haircut." You don't listen to what I say, you see disagreement, and then hear what you want to hear from me so you can shut me down. I LIKE the idea of Parler, but is it so odd that someone drawn to a free speech app would be concerned when staff start laying down ground rules to limit legal speech not covered under section 230? What a concept, someone coming to a platform advertising itself as a free speech platform, and being concerned about free speech. It's not concern trolling it's GENUINE FUCKING CONCERN, M8!

hey I am a conservative, Republican and The New Yorker. Not all of us New Yorkers are liberal trash :-)

@TheCrispyBarrett do you really have to use the F-word. I thought that wasn't tolerated on parler.

Same goes to the south, some southerners will say one of the most crucial words

@8vabasso There's nothing wrong with using it. Or any other "profane" words for that matter. For example, which sentence would convey a person's feelings better: 'That is a bunch of garbage' or 'That's a bunch of fucking bullshit.'

It's not always about being "profane" just because you can.

As long as those are the guidelines. I’m good with that

Thanks bro, nonsense won't be tolerated!!

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What? No nonsense. I will cry uncontrollably from boredom ✌️😅

Love the username. UncleBenz. Very clever

Love your username brother!

Love the handle, Brother!

The future of free speech online is in your hands. Look at what happened today with reddit, Tik-tok and twitch. While I agree with all of these, the less lines in the sand, the better. 👍

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Evil folks use our freedom of speech as a tool to destroy America... I'm ok with anyone who disagree with me.. but calling me foul names is not appropriate.

Alrighty then

I have been out of the loop. What exactly happened?

Greetings from Osceola County, Florida Man


@WildEyedSouthernViking Greetings from the 904. Trump was banned off of tiktok and twitch today. As well, the Trump subreddit was deleted for “hate speech”

@FL0RIDAMAN Ok. Well, they can operate their sites as they see fit. They will just drive people away.

@WildEyedSouthernViking Not quite, they claim to be and benefit from protections as a public square. In order for that to be the case, they need to allow for an open marketplace of ideas.

@FL0RIDAMAN Got a point there

Comment Author Profile Pic
sober1 · @sober1

@WildEyedSouthernViking Greetings from orange co. To both of you.

@sober1 How goes it in O-Co?

@WildEyedSouthernViking Only the best ones

Gab is there as well although they closed locale and federate down not long ago which feel like forcing on a straightjacket.

@FL0RIDAMAN Thanks for the info. I had the same question.

Yup, slippery slope

@WildEyedSouthernViking Why does florida man have a woman as a pic? These accounts puzzle me. Men with women pics,women with men pics...I dont get it. Makes the profile look fake to me.

Comment Author Profile Pic
sober1 · @sober1

@WildEyedSouthernViking Hi Tracy, getting along.. doing my best .. thank God we live in a red state.. been in o- town since 94. In Florida since 88...

@nixstr Pretty sure it is to keep stalkers and doxxers at bay.

@nixstr My bad. Sometimes these comments and reposts can confuse me. I'm starting to see how this site works a little better. Think Igothim and a woman he was talking to confused. But some do that and what you said makes sense.

Tik Tok is for empty brained mental cases

@nixstr Thank you, so they have deleted him right before the elections and no one thinks to question this on that side. This world is corrupt I'mEnglishbut a bloody love trump

@Kirstymalins2901 Hi Kristy. I'm glad you see thru the smoke and realize what Trump is actually doing. You may be english but you're probably far more american minded than the demkcrat party of this country. Glad to have your support!

Comment Author Profile Pic
Tom · @TFus

This is the leadership we need here

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Comment Author Profile Pic
Tom · @TFus

@Vickibernedagraham65 Parler 😎. Also probably the country 😜


@TFus Awwww crap man. As Biden say," You know the thing...."