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Joel Fischer · @JoelFischer ·

Bill de Blasio has blood on his hands

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qurious · @tmfs

You mean William Wilhelm?

Very sad and i kniw the world is watching all this

As a friend of mine said, if this happened in India, the national guard would have been ordered to shoot on sight. I think we would do the same here. This shit would shut down really fast if this happened.

Where’s the national guard?

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If I understand this, it seems the President is putting the onus of requesting the NG on the Governors etc. If they bait him into sending the NG on his own, they will all scream that he’s using military to turn against the “poor, suffering protestors.


They should have drove straight through them. Only one officer running to get to the vehicle!

I can’t stand watching this.

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Gildor · @Gildor

What’s new?

Out of control city with an incompetent weak boob for a mayor. That place may never open again.

The people have corrupted themselves

Exodus chapter 32

Just police cars. NY police beat the crap out of the protesters. Lady curbside. Packs run over by 2 vans. They can post this stupid shit, but they didn’t burn or loot a thing in NY. Period. I wonder why? 🤷‍♂️

And so does Cuomo regarding COFID2 . Let's see how NY blames these riots on Trump. You know that's coming, after all anything bad / negative is Donald's fault!

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Parents! Do you know where your children are, what your children are, and how did they get that way?

These are fucking children